It`s crazy how I get shitted on for praising

February 3, 2021, 8:01 pm
It`s crazy how I get shitted on for praising
Its crazy how I get shitted on for praising games that got updated for Xbox One X and XSX etc no matter how old the game is. And some of the ppl that shamed me are hyping 2018-2019 PS4 games playing Or looking better on PS5. Yall committing sins yall condemn me for. How????

Both sides do it all the time.

You playing Paw Patrol for fucks sakes snoove

Lies. You see ppl playing BOTH PS5 and PS4 games on PS5.

its a difference when thats your PRIMARY reason for Xbox.. The part ppl forgetting is God of War or whatever isnt the only thing to play From PLAYSTATION.

I want to see compare MLBTheShow

Where them tools tho Just shows how hypocritical fanboys on both are I just play games I don`t care how old it is a good game is a good game

Also "I don`t want to pay a mo thly gee for free games it`s not sustainable and hurts the developer" Same people "We got Destruction All-stars Day 1 for free as part of my PS+ Subscription!!!!!"

Facts KIDSMOOVE. The PlayStation community are hypocrite

Exactly these ponies are all cap they have nothing to play right now but old games but I thought you dont play old games tho

You just have to accept the fact some of these guys just hate Xbox

Its crazy how you still playing this game as if the same thing didnt happen last gen. Knock it off bruh you know exactly why.

That`s just the mind of a pony

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