It s been a slow hot summer over here

July 21, 2021, 4:34 pm
It s been a slow hot summer over here
Its been a slow, hot summer over here, but were already coming up on the final stretch before the next release of iOS/macOS. Is there anything youve been working on that youd like to show off? You know the drill by now: include a screenshot if youd like a retweet!

Working on my framework for iOS / macOS apps: SimpleToast - - implementing better binding functionality. Screenshots are not that fancy in that case. Wrapping up a big update to Splitter - my open-source Speedrunning timer for macOS. It`s now using LiveSplitCore to keep track of splits, while still using good ol AppKit (and a touch of SwiftUI for the Welcome window) as the fully native frontend. Im working on an update for to release alongside iOS 15 that takes advantage of the always on display on Apple Watch among other things. Im working on a reference app for Magic: The Gathering! It uses the Scryfall API and tries to be the fastest way to look up cards and rulings. I also created FloatingPromptTextField using the new FocusState on iOS 15. It`s the SwiftUI version of the floating label text field UX pattern. Ive just released a HackerNews client I was working for a year its not feature-complete, but its now usable enough to go public Its based on AppKit and it supports login/voting most clients dont support them. RTs are greatly appreciated Thx :-)

Thank you Steve! Ive just finished adapting my score tracker app for the Mac. Just finished ObjC Swift rewrite of Tiny Player for Mac, my minimalistic take on a MP3 player. iOS version also 100% rewritten, pending release. Happy to modernize & prepare ground for SwiftUI & new features. This summer Im updating for iOS 15 with that bunch of new APIs as well as making accessibility better. Apparently many colors are breaking when using high contrast in dark mode Working on ContactsBot which will release with iOS 15 Beta: Ive been finalizing an application dedicated to ultra-trail running which supports very long run recording (>48h), metrics and cartography display on the Apple Watch. It can also be used for standard outdoor trails. Im looking for beta testers: I know I`m OCD so I spent hours tweaking the Light Theme color of on macOS Monterey beta 3. I`m happy with the outcome so far During this time I`ve added a bunch of nice features to Text to Speech, Eyes detection for FXs, native iOS14 color pickers , Invert color by channels filter, heaps of contextual menus and export/import projects using new Apple Archive framework I`m experimenting with the HealthKit API for visualizing running workouts. It also enables me to share basic workout details with friends (Apple`s Activity app doesn`t do a great job there). Ive also been working on something different: keyRead, an open access control platform based on the ESP32 with BLE and Wi-Fi Am reserving this retweet offer for my future app. Just learning to code now. Have few app ideas that solve the drawbacks current apps on App Store have.

launched Picture-in-Picture extension, works natively in Safari and opens in-app browser for other apps which share a URL, like YouTube, etc I have been working on for Mac, solving some macCatalyst headache, and it`s currently in public beta. About to release the public beta for Kanzi, my animal encyclopedia! Uses image classification so you can find out what species is in an image, BERT for question and answering, great searching on iOS 15, QuickNotes, and even integration with local zoos! 100% SwiftUI + CoreData Just released the 8th update to my Pinboard client Thanks Steve! Dipping my toes into Mac development & bringing to the Mac as a SwiftUI AppKit app. Will be adding lots of powerful new Mac-specific actions to Shortcuts on Monterey.

I released Capsule Private Storage. Pure SwiftUI, CoreData + CloudKit, totally free and Open Source. Released my new version of that now lets you download for FREE! More new features and goodies launching soon! Thanks, I am working on ListenUp, which acts like Live View(sort of), but supports Big Sur and Intel based macs as well I am doing final touchinglaunching very soon! Im getting my kid-friendly timer app ready for submission, and just started beta testing the macOS and tvOS versions. Follow for updates! TestFlight: Mac download: Still in the early stages of development, but Im working on a podcast app that makes it easier to find new podcasts.

Rewrote an old UIKit/Obj-C app in SwiftUI w Core Data to help parents keep track of the score at their kids baseball game The more I use SwiftUI the more I love it Tooling needs work & my Intel Mac is struggling but makes me excited for future app dev potential Still very early days, but Ive been working on a SwiftUI app to track and give stats for your book library Thanks Steve! Learning a ton about SwiftUI and iOSDev as I upgrade my app with widgets, customizable notifications, and many improvements. Releasing this fall! Working on my first iOS App RunChallenge for tracking Apple Health based running workouts and set a running goal fur the current month. (Testflight invites possible ) I have been working on an OCR and text editing app for Windows called Text Grab. It has been a lot of fun and so far very personally useful! I`ve been working on an App that composes framed photos (3D models) from imported, captured or scanned images, and places them on vertical surfaces (walls) in Augmented Reality. About to test flight A few days ago, I released my app on the App Store. Ive been working on a complete rewrite for in SwiftUI. Its still in a very early stage and looks pretty rough. Thanks - its been a bit of fun to play with - started off really simple but sort of well grew ;)

Released calculator app with resent calculation sync between iPhone and Apple Watch, also work on iPad Updated my atmospheric pressure monitoring app BarographerApp with Apple Watch support Been working on a small wallpaper generator - may put it up on TestFlight soon. Ive been putting a lot of effort into Superior Solitaire, a collection of nine popular card games for macOS, iPad, and iPhone. I`ve been working on many great updates for , which recently got released! It helps you explore new areas of life and become the best version of yourself. finally made into the App Store last week and Im working on some features that didnt make it into 1.0. Built entirely with SwiftUI other than sliders, and the MTKView to show the icons CIImage. I have finally published SwitchBuddy for iPad and just now prepared these screenshots for press kit The tablet design is a bit basic because I didn`t know how to fill the space. More about the app here: I updated McClockface recently!

Nice I guess we`re on the same wave right now I mean colors

I recently updated my tide & moon app using tons more SwiftUI. Lots of learning in the process. Working on new version of Poems app with support for iOS 15/macOS 12. Current version: Been working on a major update to my time tracking, invoicing and task management app for lawyers I am updating Codriver Car Expenses for iOS 15 this summer. This week however, Ill take a break from that and go for a roadtrip through the Austrian Alps. I`ve been adapting my UWP MPD Client for Windows 11 - Funnily enough I was also looking on the other side and making an exploratory iOS port, but probably won`t have enough time to finish it. Been working on in SwiftUI, renter and landlord communication in one place: - maintenance jobs - messaging - track bills and rent - url: Im working on getting LivingDex ready for a proper release Working on Email Zen. Swipe emails to Mario Kondo (declutter) your inbox. And stats what to unsubscribe or automate with rules. iPad + iCloud support comes soon. And macOS is also close. Thanks, always cool projects here! Working on an app that lets me save links for my podcast Everyday Robots . It will pre format them and give me an easy way to accumulate stories throughout the week to talk about. Im working on an app which turns different word types (nouns, adverbs etc) into different sounds. Make melodies by typing or speaking sentences Been working on Ambie, an app that plays white noise and nature sounds to help you focus, meditate, or sleep. In the few months since it`s inception, Ambie has grown to 3k MAU and became the top health app in countries like Spain. Plus, Ambie is open source on Github! Ive updated my Swift Package, LocalConsole, with a System and Display Report feature, and a fluid new resize controller! Working on a SwiftUI client I just today release the first update to my interreligious daily verse app with texts from Christianity, Judaism and Islam! The update brings a completely fresh iPad design with a native sidebar. Its almost 100% SwiftUI. I`ve been re-thinking PWA`s & their relation to native interactions Working on a Twitter client app. Built completely using SwiftUI for iOS 15. Adding Shortcuts support to my Mac apps!

I am bringing Soro, my app to control Sonos speakers with Shortcuts to the Mac! Released a TestFlight beta for my native outliner and tasks manager. Fully built with SwiftUI. Pushing hard to 1.0 soon. A catalyst app to help generate server-side code, includes a working code editor (ACE Editor). I`m developing a new update right now!

Im working on bringing Data Jar, my database designed for Shortcuts, to the Mac. A native JSON formatter and viewer. I would say two-thirds of the work is done. The other one-third is the editor. I made a music recommendation app called Jinx for Apple Music subscribers. It suggests songs based on the song you are currently listening to Finishing up work on my first iOS app, called LoudLevels! It tracks noise and headphone volume, and helps you monitor changes over time. Hoping to have a beta on TestFlight in the next few weeks! I`m building my very own text recognition sorting algorithm for which will solve curved-page, multi-column text, and multi-page highlighting challenges. Really proud of how it`s shaping up! Coming to Highlighted very soon. If Im not on your press list, ping me a line when 2.0 is near. I wrote about Pastel in a few places. I like it a lot.

After I turned my language learning platform into reusable components and made HanziTime for chinese studies, as always available for all Apple devices Full steam ahead with for iOS. Were all SwiftUI. About to release support for US customers, adding support for womenswear next, and were hiring a lead iOS engineer! Working on Pocket Quest with who has been frantically coding our own synchronous multiplayer back-end these past months while I type away at skill implementation and graphics I made a simple menu bar web browser. You can add your favourite websites and browse them directly in Mac menu bar Logic error somewhere probably. Time to add some print()

Working on a new app and a big update of my widget building app Widgeridoo, hopefully ready when iOS 15 drops. All SwiftUI. Ive been working on an app that aims to improve the life of people with diabetes. It helps you understand the data and proposes you challenges to improve every day. All built on SwiftUI Launching on September and available for preorder I made a simple note taking app that you can use directly from your Home Screen Comes with customizable font and background colors Been working on a new app that Ill be announcing soon, but also on getting integrated into Shortcuts on the Mac The much requested List View for is almost done! Since you`re working with multiple windows on Catalyst, did you ever run into a scenario where the main window refuses to show? I can`t get it to reliably reproduce yet, but something to do with minimising and keeping it longer in the background

Windows needs that app

When is this version releasing? Looking fire!

Also, I love reading your Pastel updates

It is looking great!

Ill go first: Pastel spent the summer moving its 24,000 line codebase to Swift & Optimized for Mac, giving me the opportunity to give every little corner of the app a once-over for whats looking to be a solid v2.0. It also got an exploratory Windows 11/UWP prototype
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