It`s been a minute - Doing a Q&A this

February 3, 2021, 4:46 pm
It`s been a minute - Doing a Q&A this
It`s been a minute - Doing a Q&A this for this week`s episode! What do you want to know/talk about?

Do you think that with Samsung flagships you get more for the money than the iphone ?

your take on $GME and Robinhood

What do you think you would change now, if you were to restart Youtube?

What is the best part about the new studio now that you been there a while? also studio tour??? love the podcast BTW

What phone is currently in your pocket? And what phone do you expect to daily drive the longest this year

What else do You think You can Review as good as You do with tech?

With the S21 Ultra out and having support for the S-pen, what do you think the Note 21 Ultra would have to do to justify making the purchase? AskWVFRM

Do you think the S21 FE exists?

What do you believe about IPS phone displays? I mean, at this moment new devices are coming with OLED displays and LCD panels are like "for the cheap", but in PC world we`ve nanoIPS and all those amazing technologies with great quality, so are they going to disappear? Regards!

Would you take a Huawei phone without Google services or a Samsung Phone with TouchWiz to use DAILY?

With everyone being home for more of the day, what household automation or fun tech items would you recommend?

One feature you would like to see in the mid range smartphone

As a professional ultimate frisbee player how good are you at kan jam?

Did you manage to buy the watch that suggested to you??? Heheh

What do you think of the apple car? What do you think it will be priced at, is it a true competitor to Tesla, and does it have a future?

What tech companies do u think most people don`t talk abt but secretly have a huge market share in their industry or dominate their sector

What would your dream iPhone SE be?

Do you plan on branching out with your content? A genre that you`ve always been passionate about but could never get into due to your current commitments maybe?

What was your Goal when you started your Yt career and now??

What do you think about all these smart things and wearables and all these apps with permissions in making our lives more connected but at expense of losing privacy and individuality on a larger scale? And a question for Andrew-a fellow Valorant nerd, who`s ur fav agent and team?


Are there any good android tablets worth buying over the ipad?

Will you ever show us your home? (Like UAC does) How much Smart-Home stuff do you actually have?

Would you rather go for the cybertruck over the new plaid model s considering you already have a model s, or would you cop the new plaid plus version insted of the cybertruck and sell your current model s ???

How did you come up with the concept of the S21 review intro? Also, how do you pick your music to perfectly match the shots?

Will you do a windows laptop review?

if you could change one thing about current smartphone design what would it be?

Will the MI air charger be better than Apple`s Magsafe or any other Qi wireless chargers?

Do you re-visit old phone which are from 2yrs and back when you review the latest to compare ?

Wear OS watches. Know that you don`t use hem but it could be a good topic

Can you and go into the process of how you create some of your intro shots? That S21 video intro was nothing short of magic

Hows the studio coming along? U said in ur life its still a work in progress, any updates? Hows the boi Mac?

What would you play on if you to become a gamer pc or console. Like you content

How long do you think it will take before OEM`s may move from mainly producing "glass slab" form factor phones to folding devices?

Tell us about Carl Pei`s Nothing if uk anything

The practicality of releasing consumer level truly wireless charging as seen with Mi Air Charge.

Are you ok with plastic back?

when do you think ARM based pro macs will be out?

Whats the most inefficient part of your YouTube/Waveform workflow? And how would you improve it?

Favorite emerging tech of 2021?

Your intros are getting sick, are you editing them?

Would you ever consider doing some TV reviews? Budget TVs, higher end TVs. Something you could recommend to your viewers!

Will there be a Studio 2.0 tour?

effects of 5g wireless communication on human health

Thoughts on the OneUI redesign? Im personally not a fan of it and still prefer 2.5 over it. But I`d like to hear your thoughts

Is there any way android companies can build an environment like Apple does?

How long do you spend filming videos, and whats the turn around time like?

Now that One UI has put the Google feed in the launcher and supports putting Google Sans as the font, do you think that it is getting closer to being one of the best Android skins out there? Also, could you rank your top 5 Android skins?

How to be productive when working rom home. Technology as a tool and not a distraction.

How is corona affecting the ultimate frisbee scene? Are u even allowed to train? I guess for professionals there are special rules in terms of training and competing.

Rank Elon`s companies from your favorite to least favorite and why?

Which tech event do you missed the most ?

Affordable tech has really come very far this past few years what are the next steps you think can be taken

Have you guys ever fought for making a intro/outro shot.?!!

Do you think Samsung has pulled off a Oneplus card by launching the S21 series for cheaper price?

Which is more likely as a second MKBHD channel: MCarBHD, MK-BTS (behind the scenes); Explained/Essay channel, or unboxing/quick reviews

How do you delegate work between different members of the MKBHD team?

I think u made a video about how ur dream PHONE would look like design wise and with rough specs. What about ur dream CAR?

When will we get an updated studio tour? Would love to see the space more filled out

A few episodes ago you talked about how apple could do fully wireless without a charger in the box. What if they made a magsafe "adapter" that was just a magsafe puck that you plugged your lightning cable into? Then all they would have to do is include the puck.

How do gaming youtubers extract the footage from consoles/PC and transfer it to their laptops for video editing?

Import and customs duties can make electronics prices very high(almost 180% in India here)...making tech very hard to obtain for good pricing,any opinion on it?

Customisable iOS, Huawei with GMS or Pixels with same years of updates as iOS? Why? How would your option change the smartphone tech world we are in right now?

Would u say gear is important as most ppl with good gear are confident in them and sort of force them to get better cause of their investment

Which kind of foldable do you think has more potential or has a better use case? Clamshell, tablet to normal size phone, or outside foldable screen?

Will YouTube also become a place where certain opinions are more voiced than others...?

I`m pretty sure everyone`s noticed the way phones have affected humanity I would really like to know your genuine opinion on how phones have not only positively affected humans that there are also huge drawbacks that we don`t see.

Whats your favorite tik tok trend (For both of you guys Love the podcast)

Why hasnt all tv adopted direct Bluetooth connection to tv for head phones.

Ever fear tech reaching its maximum potential and becoming very minimal updates yearly?

If Apple removes the lighting port in the future, do you see Samsung and others eventually following them and removing the usb-c port as they did with the headphone jack and phone charger in the box... Especially with advances in wireless tech over these last couple of years?

What did you take away most from Mr beasts interview?

As a new YouTube creator how do you motivate yourself with a small audience

Have you ever felt the need or urge going back to old tech?

current status on the Escobar phone plz!!!

Do you think once you`re older your review angles will change? E.g. you move out the city to a nature rich area, will you still compare your photos to taking night pics of light buildings? Similar if you have kids, would you judge a camera on taking pics of your kids?

Did the FBI return the Escobar phone?? Also, we need the whole story.

As the smartphone (millennials) population ages, do you think there will be more emphasis on healthcare integration in phones using new sensors? On a separate note, the healthcare system is quite dated in terms of technology.

iOS 14.5, using your Apple Watch to unlock Face ID phones

Are you doing a galaxy buds pro review?

Ford partnering with Google, can we have more info on that please

Are there any other podcasts / shows you pay attention to or draw inspiration from?

Do you utilise software development at MKBHD?

Do you think phones should remain in the physical aspect as in like you can touch it feel it swipe everything you would do normally with a phone. Or should they move into a more digital version Not necessarily implanted in your head but just a digital version of a phone.

When smartphones first brought in two camera lenses, it blew my mind. Now phones are dropping with 4/5 lenses and it`s overkill that increases cost. Your thoughts?

Would you say that high pixel density is important past a certain point? I cant seem to hold onto monitors because Ive been spoiled by the image quality on my M1 MBA, and was wondering if you had similar issues

One thing you dislike on both android and iOS.

Did you ordered the Tesla? If not, DO IT

Any plans for video Podcast on YouTube channel?

When do you think we will see true over-the-air charging, like the Xioami Mi Air concept, go fully mainstream? In my opinion this charging tech is far more exciting than AirPower (RIP), Magsafe or 45W wireless charging combined

What. In your opinion should be a perfect podcast setup.( Idk if I asked that correctly) like for example comparing it to yours what is your setup missing?

When do you think will the whole world be running on smooooooth 5G.....

we know that magsafe uses magnets and magnets DEMAGNATISE after some period of time so will magsafe perish too over time I don`t have iPhone but you can always give me man You and should collab

Is iphone 11 still a good deal? Will you invest in crypto currency?

I really like android but they seem to be getting a tiny bit sloppy. I`m thinking about switching to apple next year. What do I do? Ps can I come visit the studio? I am a huge fan

were two different video streams stitched together to get this shot? What method do you guys use for the levitating object thumbnail?

Update on the M1 Mac situation? App ecosystem been better?

Actually speaking any specific person you looked upto as a kid and even now?!

How do you think smartphone OS will advance in the next 5 years?

iPads and MacBooks have been getting closer and closer in their forms and functionalities for years now, what do you think Apples next step will be, now that iPad supports trackpads, and Macs can run iPad apps. Will we ever see a hybrid device like the Microsoft Surface Book?

When are we getting a tour of the new studio and/or a setup tour for 2021?

With the latest iPad Air adopting Pro features, what can we expect in the next iteration of the iPad Pro this year?

If lets say in 5 years YouTube becomes subscription based platform (like netflix) meaning only people who pay monthly can watch it , and there would not be a free option , what would your reaction be and would you switch to some other platform?

Do you still use NFC tags?

What will you suggest to your new team members/what you expect from them?

Do you think we will ever see an iPhone which has both 120Hz, and a port?

What are your views on aggressive dub step?

Cant stop, wont stop, ________?

What do you think tech will look like in 5 & 10 years?

What`s the atmosphere around the studio with the plans of the team expanding?

QnA Samsung and one plus are in the beginning, Apple and google are in the end, this might be hard to answer but what phone company would u place for the middle of the year?

Explain clubhouse in layman terms?

What led you to the color combination of black and red?

Post a review of Asus Zenfone 7 pro How much do you earn? Do u have any other source of income?

Macbook air M1 or the macbook pro M1?

Have you ever had to give up trying to get a good shot, say for an intro? What is the limit of time/resources that go into these shoots?

Would you daily drive a the Huawei p50 if it with Google services

Why do people complain about apples stuff yet keep coming back for more and more of the same thing? (Don`t say the economy. I`ve heard that like 5 times now)

Question for Andrew, How do you feel about the newer flagship phones, and as in, which one of them convinces you enough to wanna switch from your pixel?

Any other merch/collabs in the future? The ICONS product line is so sleek and perfect.

Do you guys ever just sit around and hang out at the studio?

What keyboard do you use? Would you still recommend the apple touch trackpad ? Thanks !

What would you like to see in Pixel 5a and Pixel 6? Love to hear your thoughts, personally i would like Pixel 5a to keep the exact form from pixel 5 and just update the chip from 4a to keep the exact price from the 4a. That would be a great deal!!

Do you think the new iOs feature which requires users consent to allow tracking will re-shape the web as we know it, with for instance a paid and free internet?

What are your thoughts on the future of and the implementation of robots in everyday life?

Thoughts on the upcoming MacBook Pros

I would like to know if you would recommend buying a gaming laptop (1200) or an M1 Mac air (1200ish) for work and bit of gameplay. Work is first.

If you could pick one tech company to work at, where would you pick; and why?

Have you ever felt like you have had to dumb down on the topics or language used in the videos and being as your audience has grown?

What is your favorite phone with a unique form factor?

Not for Waveform specifically, but what about video where we can get to know everyone and their functions inside team MKBHD? Perhaps after youve filled your hiring positions.

What`s the best non tech gift someone could give you?

Do u think critiquing tech too much sometimes result in its stagnation rather than improvement? How do you draw the line between `do better` and `stop doing this altogether? IMO phones got stagnant bcz reviewers overcritiqued every single experiment OEMS tried to do. Yes? No?

Thoughts on the OnePlus 9?

Not a question but help me make a choice: What camera is better in these categories?(ultra wide photos,portrait,HDR shots,low light) I`m confused whether to get the 12ProMax or S21Ultra AskMKBHD

what do you think is the "sweet spot" to spend on a phone? Considering price and features, I believe there is no need to spend 1k, "lower flagships" and "upper midranges" are really good today.

Has been playing too much Valorant?

Have you tried getting into watching any esports? If so what are they? This can be for both of you.

Do you see smart eye wear/glasses being part of the tech world or have they faded? Amazon just released a 2nd gen of their glasses.

I was wondering what you think about the future of the smartphone industry - do you think we are all going to go foldable in couple of years, or just have larger smartwatches instead of phonea? Or will smart glasses take over? And what about charging all of it? Air charge?

What do you think will happen first: folding phones becoming mainstream or electric vehicles becoming mainstream?

what do you think of the game stop saturation and did you see what linus did about it?

Do you believe Samsung will end the note series?

Talk about your products. BTS of making TShirts, Icons with dbrand etc. What happens from beginning to end. How do things come along. Etc

How`d you make the S21 "float" at the 2:05 mark in the review?

1. If you are given a choice of buying a year old flagship phone or a $600 mid range phone, which holds the best value for money? 2. Have you ever thought of writing a book about your thoughts on tech?

not a question but the mr beast podcast was really good maybe u should do more like those i loved it

Why is the `s website so boring?

What can we expect from iPad Pro 2021??

India is going to ban 3rd party crypto currency and is going introduce it`s own crypto.... but the main feature of crypto is that its decentralised but here it`s opp!!

Any thoughts about MI`s new charging technology? WVFRM

Do you think small android phones might make a come back? The only good small android phones currently are the pixels and they aren`t really that small.

What is the future of smartphone to mankind? Is it invisible? Or larger? Or implant inside our body/brain? Or it will be the same form factor for the next 30 years?

Would you ever be able to fully ditch an EV? Do you think theres any ICE car out there that would suffice for you?

What`s your hopes / thoughts on the pixel line up this year ? Do they turn it around ?

When do you think apple will get good battery life in the Apple Watch, I recently switch to the iPhone 12 from a Samsung Galaxy S10 but am having a hard time switching off my Galaxy Watch because I only have to charge it once every three days or so.

Would be awesome to get an answer! At one point should one decide to turn the channel into a legal LLC business. Looking to see how beneficial it would be for a smaller channel!

What retro tech do you wish would come back with a new tech spin? Could be a mobile device, a style of portable computing, a game console, a car, whatecer. Like you say, pretty much anything with an "on" button.

Should anyone buy a iPad Pro now that the iPad Air & m1 MacBooks exist? And if no what features does the next iPad Pro have to bring to change that?

Thoughts on HDR videos? Is 2021 when well finally see your videos on HDR?

What is your ultimate goal in life? (I dont mean ultimate frisbee, but that could totally be part of the answer)

Would you consider using a phone without a front facing camera?

I know youre not a huge football guy, but Buccaneers or Chiefs?

The most underrated tech that you use everyday.

How long will it take for electric vehicles to get mainstream in 1) USA? 2) The world? Mainstream as in, from trucks to everyday cars, all are electric and gas combustion engines are totally phased out.

Talk about the Poco X3 NFC please I`m debating if to be it

Lets pretend noise canceling doesnt exist, what are your new favorite headphones?

Will you ever review more Windows PCs? Also what`s your favorite laptop besides macbook

If you could bring back a discontinued phone with new timely upgrades... what would it be?

When will we be able to see a full tour of the new studio?

Have you thought of promoting your own website more as a just in case if trouble arises with you and YouTube and you need to get your content out in other ways?

When will we get waveform video podcast?

What do you think developers need to do to make apps and softwares better for the future?

What is the usual amount of time you get with a product (to review and talk about) before you have to send it back to the company?

Why do so many tech enthusiasts want MagSafe back? Won`t it be great to be able to use just one cable (USB C) to charge all your devices?

Are you building a new studio? If yes then what is the update on it?

What advice would you give your younger self (regarding YouTube as well as life).

What was the first coding language you learned?

If Apple were to come out with a car, what would it need to have in order for you to drop your Tesla?

Who you got in the Superbowl

What do you think first products are going to be?

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