It`s a bird! It`s a plane! It`s a

October 19, 2021, 5:44 am
It`s a bird! It`s a plane! It`s a
It`s a bird! It`s a plane! It`s Take to the skies to protect the animal population of Metropolis from a new and looming threat in DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace, coming to PS4.

No way they making a super-dog game before superman

Out of all the games coming out in 2022 I think this one might be GOTY

Young boy loves PS and not Xbox. (Only stating facts). I would love to play this awesome game

Nothing will ever beat Superman 64.

Now do a mobile version

Superman cant get a game, Wonder Woman cant get a game, but Supermans dog can get a game What is with the surge of childrens games there goes your Superman game

Seeing this makes me think of this show beck then lol Dont start disrespecting the ps4

Wait, wait, wait, is the whole thing a rail shooter?

So they decide to give Krypto a game, but not the Man of Steel himself?

Why is this a console game that cost money and not a free mobile game

I read the first line with a record scratch.

Underdog did it first What Is this porn level animation lmfao plays like a mobile game

Movie tie-in games are back? Great.

This should come on phones

It looks like paw patrol has become the justice league. Im being sarcastic.


Another ps banger. Lol

We want the best MMO survival ever, not a mobile game

KRYPTO THE SUPERDOG Anyone remember that intro theme

Can Krypto the super dog pet the human?

who buys this stuff?

They made a Superpets game before a Superman game LOL!!!!

Looks like a bad star fox rip off, hopefully its more than just that tho cause the concept could be cool.

Sounds like the blandest game you could make with the cheapest license you could afford...

So asking for a AAA superman game for PS5 and you hand out a mobile game of krypto are you out of your mind . Which one is bisexual?

Sad that superman a dog got a new game before superman

We haven`t had a good solo Superman in decades, but KRYPTO gets his own game? There is no justice. (No Superman 64 jokes. That joke is dead.)

A dog thats gone insane

INJUSTICE 3 INJUSTICE 3 INJUSTICE 3 This is the Super Man game we all want.

Is the dog "happy" now. Everyone in the DC universe is turning "happy". If super dog isn`t "happy" it won`t sell as much.

What seriously? Okay.

This is gonna be a classic

playstation : Supermans dog gets a game, but not the man himself... I feel like a lot of people are complaining about this game but like... isn`t targeted at kids? Not every game has to be a AAA in depth game. Honestly looks like a game I would have really enjoyed 20 some odd years ago.

Nintendo owns you overwatch porn has better animation

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