Is there a concise name for "iPad apps running

June 29, 2021, 4:15 am
Is there a concise name for
Is there a concise name for "iPad apps running automagically as Mac apps on Apple silicon Macs"? It doesn`t have a nice "Catalyst" style name, does it? (Even though I`m sure there`s Catalyst under the hood)

My best guess is "iPad apps on Macs with M1", adapted from this talk (though that`s not much more concise than what you had to begin with)

Ive done all I can.

iPad (or iPhone) apps designed for iPad (or iPhone) running on a Mac with an Apple silicon processor

Its been a while. I think Ive forgotten already!

Oh yeah, that does add another wrinkle to it. But if youre talking to normal users thats not really relevant and its not like there are any public APIs specifically for these kinds of apps. So does it really matter if it doesnt have a good name?

I believe the correct term is Better than Electron but not really a Mac app I could be wrong. *thats what I get for not wearing my glasses

Theres iPad apps on the Mac but thats also what Catalyst was called before it was Catalyst. Depending on the context, Designed for iPad like it says in Xcode could work.

I only know the code name

M1gnificence I dont know, lol

Compatible with Apple Silicon Macs is the best I got

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