Is the server improving? Not worse than before but

July 21, 2021, 6:52 pm
Is the server improving? Not worse than before but
Is the server improving?

Not worse than before but not as good as yesterday

Alot better from my experience. I logged out and logged back in and was able to okay multiple games in a row. BTW I`m on Android

Yes you guys are doing a great job!!! Remember to sleep though

It`s not loading the Mavis hub all the way, can`t hit the play button.

The server is improving. I was able to finish my daily quest using my laptop. However there is still lag on SLP inventory.. But this is a good sign.

still down with no return forecast.

can you clarify if scholars can receive breeding eggs for the hatching time from the manager to have more energy during that time or is that illegal? Thank you

Why slp is not appearing in claim token in my axie account in your website?

Yes it was like 30 mnt

If we can play yes.

It is for the pc version. i think the tally is somewhat misleading because most of the players here in the ph uses their mobile devices to play, so gaming stability in pc is not that much affecting their experience of bad servers

Thank you so much! We were able to play smoothly on pc,wasnt able to get the daily quest but its better than nothing~ thank you for your hard work, really appreciated!

WE`re disconnected again

It was good form 10:30 to 10:50`s I was able to at least collect my 100 slp

Improving 45% now unlike other days.

On android still laggy sir

Sometimes i can enter sometimes i cannot.

Was able to play smoothly now compare earlier

Yes sir...... Thank you so much sir....

Please fix claiming DQ rewards. Cant claim it

Sir a lot of mobile players are having a problem in claiming the daily quest 50 SLP Improving! Amazing work and team. Energy refill is broken tho. there`s a new error now, the captcha system is faulty, we do choose the right phrase but it still saying wrong captcha..

Is working better now, but still I can`t even enter the adventures and arena. Only check in DQ today also tried in pc too and same result. My wife account also have the same problem. But I saw a lot of ppl can play their axies. Is it only worked for certain accounts? Please help I`m really addicted to axie :(

Sir jiho i dont know the answer coz i dont have a team yet,,can i ask for a skolarship sir? ..i want to have a stabke income for my son and my family,please sir im begging you..i will do my very best sir....please....

I think we need to have the SLP claiming available at all times every after 14 days.

Its getting worse on cp we can`t play

Can`t arena and Adventure

error in claiming slp and android wont load ruins and cant play arena..

Bring back the android server please

Is this so called improving yeah right Worse than before Cant play after the maintenance. Hope this be fixed soon.

Working quite well earlier but SLP and win count didn`t reflect. Also, I experienced leveling up but then got reverted to previous level. Now, even in PC, ruins are not loading.

Right now. I won in the arena, but no SLP gain. But energy deducted

SLP rewards problem

Yes for pc, it was so smooth to the point i thought there was something wrong lol. Finished getting 150 slp in 3 hours

Compared to the past few days today is so much better... Hoping for a fully working server soon!

Good things & Good Products comes from a long term of consistency improvement . Axie is the future . Trusttheprocess

Not yet. Theres a problem in Mavis Hub. We can`t log in.

Hello Sir I just wanted to ask if I will encounter any problem if I moved to a different country? right now I`m in philippines but in a month or two I will be going back to USA btw I will be using the same device I`m using now. Pleaseeee hoping for your answer. thanks

The server is so much better in pc, BUT theres no reward listed after every win. I spent hours playing and enjoyed it. but man, can you spare me some rewards

I was able to finish my dq in 1 run tonight using PC.

Depends. Gameplay improved when slp and quest weren`t being added. As soon as you enabled them the disconnection issue came back again. So how do you get it to work correctly?

Good phones where having trouble now in playing..axies don`t even load in adventure and can`t even play in arena..please include also android phones in enhancing Axies` system..thank you so much and more power Good day boss. SLP now is reflecting on claim tokens but the problem is once you click CLAIM SLP NOW, it will reflect an error has occured. Please verify admins. God bless boss. Now i can`t play anymore after the update. Yesterday i can finish my quest in 3hrs but now not a single game since 6am this morning. So tired of this.

Yes, But theres another problem. Cant set up email address in ronin wallet. No Verification code.


You scamer jihoz go to jail

Yes, I definitely felt the improvement. Hope the game across phone and pc would be smoother on the following days. Thank you for the hard work!

fix the slp claim for now theres no point in grinding for slp when u cant cash it out in the end.

Less lag on desktop but our slp didnt appear on inventory.

whoever answer yes must be inside guy

I couldn`t even play a single match today :( getting worse imo. Im on android btw thanks for asking

Cant play on Android at all

Fast load but do not load adventures or battles

What about the slp claim

Captcha Not working

WORSE THE BEFORE. DONE reinstalling the mavis hub but the result is always like this. thank you for the hardwork and efforts keep it up ill be cheering and preying everything well be fix and stable god bless you and your team jiho

all our support is for you and dev team sir

i managed to play or tested if i can play 1 adventure and than 1 arena game everything seems okay after that laggy and i got disconnected.. i was super excited to played.. goodjob atleast i have a chance to have a game.. hoping the progress of fixing the server/games going well.

I can`t play even a single Adventure or Arena game...for almost 24hrs!!

I still cant play on my phone, but im positive this will be resolve soon. Kudos to y`all, you can do this

Improvements..DQ is always showing.. but adventure still not showing my axies and cant. play. still thanks for the improvements... looking forward to more..


I can`t queue on arena and adventure mode won`t load. I`m using mobile btw. I hope you guys will be able to fix it soon, thank you for your hard work.

The adventure doesn`t load up in mobile for hours already. In the pc, slp not funtion

Yes. But energy consumption doesn`t update while doing arena and adventure. Some of slp reward doesn`t reflect real time or not totally.

worst than before . y cant play in android phone ?

Hello, After I finish the gaptcha it saids gaptcha invalid

Daily quest Arena Win didn`t count and energy update please fix, thanks more power.

Any thoughts about this, Sir? My SLP`s gone from my inventory lol, it`s worse than before

please banned axie discord Sorry sir but for me it`s going worst after the maintenance update. but my respect on the engineers are never gone. i know there`re trying hard to fix this issue. but please make it fair to us who using mobile phones.

Ios good, pc good, android must try always crying

smooth but not recorded

I am currently using my laptop, and Yes it`s smooth. but I noticed that while I am playing, there is NO slp gain and the daily quest is not being recorded. The energy is also stuck.

Its been 7 hours but still can`t play. Mobile user becomes worst for the past hours. 20 energy is useless if you cant spend it. SLP adv and win didnt reflect on the quest board.

Nope...even on pc is not working.

Can`t get past captcha trying to login from pc *sad noises*

Hard to say it is worse, because I can play. The only problem is that it is not triggering the count in DQ and no slp count also. Maybe because the battle log is not really working at all? Well that is my own experience.

Are you going to release any troubleshooting steps for those accounts that are encountering invalid or expired captcha? Hope you can fix it. Thanks.

Hi, adventure no working here

Daily quests stops recording wins, same with slps anx energy.

DQ, axies and inventory`s load OK. Adv does not load the levels and pvp its like clicking nothing. Its worse than sunday or monday that seemed to start working a little better than the past week. Info from argentina.

Playable but not counting the Victory on my case

Thanks for the update! I was able to play smoothly using pc however my DQ progress stopped updating after completing the 10th adventure. Hope this is just a delay since I still haven`t claimed the 50slp from the DQ. Note: I tried completing adventure more than 10 times already.

Im using my PC but still cannot connect in adventure and pvp..

Yes but No!! Yes! Because I can play my axie with no lag and you dont need to wait for an hour to play it again.. No! Because slp is not adding to my DQ and also the energy is not increasing..

Yes, its absolutely amazing. But the rewards? Getting better though! Great job

Its improving. No one recognize about it because most of people who says no are those not longing for a long term here in axie infinity

Hi Im having a concern with regards to this. I uninstalled the apps in my phone then reinstalled it. This is what happened. Hope you can fix it too Godbless.. I`m a mac user and i tried uninstall the app and reinstall. The game seem to download the quest but the map is empty and the axies all gone. Also can`t pvp. When you click the button its load a second then static :(

slp on adventure does not reflect

Can`t play on andriod since 1pm ph time

You improved the server in computers and laptops but there is no improvement in mobile phones and it`s worse than before. Please we need both improvement.

This improve is good. But, have some issue. Hope on future will be a doing movement to fix that issue. Btw, thanks

Still cant play pvp or adventure. Sad me

Still hoping one of your scholar

I don`t want this to come off as a complaint, as it`s a genuine question: Why don`t you implement a temporary login queue? Even if it`s as simplistic as possible, it would still be a major improvement. Just set a limit on the max users on the server at the same time, and new 1/?

I already done with my last 2 arena but the problem it did not reflect to my dailyquest. By the way. I tried using my laptop, installed axie infinity via MavisHub, it goes smoothly than my phone And I would like to commend the company especially to you Sir Jiho, Devs, Engr Team Still hoping one of your scholar managers

No. Longer playing hours and its more hard to connect.

Thank you for doing that live earlier on YouTube. We are so relieved to see the founders and devs of Axie being transparent and reassuring the community that you`re doing your best!

We android users cant even play :( Please we all waited since morning here in the Philippines and its 9:55pm already still we can`t play but for COMPUTER they can play and finish there daily.

Maybe? Maybe not at all.

I lost 12 hour to upload the adventure map and it still not finish. Today is the worst day of the past few days. Can`t play on android. Now I cant log in on Mavis hub whats wrong Hi boss pvp are not recording as well, did like 20 wins and didnt count it

not yet sir jihoz I`m an ANDROID user getting worse today I haven`t been able to play at all and I`m sure other ANDROID users are the same. Please support, especially ANDROID users, Mr. Jihoz Thank you.

*it is worse than before in mobile users. Still thank you devs for working hard for us

Cellphone users here cant play

Worse. Last time. I can still see the adventure stages. But this time, No. Not even the team is displayed.

I have reinstalled the Mavis Hub on my PC but it doesn`t show any improvements. I can`t play. What might be the problem? AxieInfinity

I`m still hoping sir

Axie is smooth on my PC, however I don`t gain SLP both in adventure and arena.

I cant play in both adventure and arena after last nights maintenace

Appreciate your continued efforts!

Menu loading seems faster however advebture Mode and Arena as well as daily quest are not loading at all. You got this soon

The best way is to have more servers to have a real improvement. Thank you

Hi! Actually on Android since the last update it doesn`t load anything in adventure mode and either in pvp mode. The days before if it was possible to connect, it took more time but if it was more fluid. I started playing around 5:30 pm until before 8pm it was smooth till i reach 40.slp then my pc suddenly dc

Please improve it in mobile phones. Not all axie players have laptop or computers.

Server ok in game PC

Just put new players on waiting list. No point improving server when new ppl keep coming in.

Please fix SLP claim in marketplace

Cant play on mobile

It feels the same as yesterday. Ganbare guys! :)

It`s even worse than before, I can`t play even a single adventure, tho I can play sometimes in arena but the problem is no given slp if you win . I only have 3-4 hours sleep just to complete the adventure and arena but sometimes I only gain 50-70 slp in total

On the PC everything is fine

Its getting worse unfortunately. Hope it gets fixed soon

sayonara, adventure mode and the slp too is not visible in the inventory. Please unban us on discord. It has been 3 days already and it`s hard to keep up without the info from the announcements.

Mine still shows up as this: I played 4 games in a row using my laptop, then it disconnected

How to get pasa captcha? The mobile version still has a problem but u guys are gettting better :) hopefully the mobile app can be fix today

In good old germany there is ni way to play and earn

And, fix claim token please

Please fix it, you`re our hero on pandemic.. Please be back

Gameplay on pc is way better than before except for issues slp not reflecting in inventory, arena match wins not registering in DQ, activities are not gaining slp. Compared to the previous days now its better because you can play now, but in mobile it still has issues.

Better now that I tried pc. However, it seems like the axies are not leveling up. I`m stuck at level 6. Is this an issue?

Very worse than before

No six day without playing

still not playable.

My axie not even show up in pve. Android user

I would like to change my vote, now is runing smooth here, thanks for all the devs for the hard work.

Not playable almost 2 days in my Android phone and my SLP not posting in my inventory Can`t play to android phone .were jealous to pc user

I Can`t even play a single game now. After update. On Mac and On Android.

pc-improving cp-worse than before sad life

It`s really mixed. I know you guys got ongoing upgrades, so we can`t really make an answer whether it`s improving or not. Several hours ago I can`t play at all but tonight I was able to finish daily quest on my pc, but my scholars cant play on their mobile phones.

I can`t even enter a battle using my mobile phone. But there`s a lot of player who are done with their daily quest using their pc/laptops.

I guess mobile app was worst than before but we know it will be better soon.

Mac users cant play

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