Is PlayStation ‘The Best Place to Play`?

January 18, 2021, 4:52 am
Is PlayStation ‘The Best Place to Play`?
Is PlayStation The Best Place to Play? PS4 PS5

Not to me neither is the XSX ,switch ,or pc because they all have pros an cons

Dont get me tucking started

If u like throwing money away yeah

For hardware advancements and Sony IPs, yes. Otherwise, I say Nintendo. They have banger games that anyone can enjoy and their unique hardware design is fun and quirky.

A cesspool of hackers, thieves, leftist and shittty servvice.

I mean yeah but my PS4 is an entire air conditioner when i try to run Cold War

Thats a subjective question

It depends on YOUR preference tbh

The exclusives are better for sure

I prefer Nintendo but it`s good

Does it matter? Let the consumer pick, there is no best way to play (excluding pc) because if there was, there wouldn`t be multiple consoles.

That depends on what games you`re looking for: for me, it`s great Single-player Story-driven games alongside and hopefully, some great 3rd Party Titles. Most of the games I play are mainly Single-player and PlayStation`s got that covered for me and then some.

To me yes! Hands down no debate. But that`s because PlayStation offers me games that i enjoy. Same with Nintendo for the handheld gaming device. I put PlayStation first and Nintendo is close behind with their unique approach. Now taste are different for everyone but since 1994...

Its all down to personal preference.

It has been for me since I got my first original PlayStation, and will probably continue until with I die, or they stop making me consoles. Which ever comes first.

For me it does so i vote yes.

Nintendo is my favorite place to play

As for where the best games are? Yes!

PlayStation obviously. They always end up performing better and has a better controller. Theres always some exclusivity on PlayStation with multiplats as well. Youre at a loss buying games on Xbox when itll play better and have more features on PlayStation

It is. It`s the platform that if you don`t have, you`ll be missing out on the most things.

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Yes but sony is bad for closing servers on games tho.

Pc is As of right now yes but in the future things could change.

It may not be the best place to play but its still a great way to play video games along with the Xbox and Switch as well.

I think it depends on the game, I like Diablo 3 on the PS4 more than the computer.

Numbers dont lie

Thats up to the individual gamer but overall on consoles based on sales of consoles, sales of games and games being beat (based off data) more prefer PlayStation. But that doesnt mean the majority speaks for every single gamer.

No, all consoles have something amazing and as a gamer, I love them all... Dont do brand loyalty bs, that`s for the fan boys :)

Best exclusives make it a very good place to play but I can`t deny how good a deal game pass is lol

Don`t know, still haven`t been able to get one

Wherever you want to play is good. Biased in my opinion. But with a more neutral look ps systems seem to out do xbox on each generation

How would i know if theyre not available anywhere

Personally i like to play in some P**** the best but that another topic. So playstation the close 2nd

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