Is it time to go digital on @Playstation 5

September 20, 2021, 4:29 pm
Is it time to go digital on @Playstation 5
Is it time to go digital on 5 ? what do you think Mr ?

Digital only is a pc thing. Physical discs holds value

Love physical Nope

I saw your photo and wondered how the hell are those games not falling down, then realised it was sideways lol

Pro tip: Go digital then buy cases and print custom covers.

you`re gonna need a lot more space

That`s a big no no.

Never go digital! What if you buy a game and it`s an absolute stinker? Or you simply don`t like it? You can`t sell a digital game, and normally physical copies are cheaper cos retailers are in competition with each other. physicalforlife

Never, I only go digital if I have no choice (or physical is locked out of Collector`s edition *looks at HFW*) Physical gives (me at least) a greter sense of ownership and some great box art for a shelf. Plus physical is great for sharing games with mates :)

Why not both?


Physical is always the move. I only buy digital if its significantly cheaper to do so which is a rare occasion

Saddest part is that the digital buyers dont realize how crazy expensive the m.2 ssd`s are. And when the ps tiny hdd fills up from 3 games they will flip out. Wait till Christmas. Parents that are not gamers themselves are gonna snap lol

I`m mixed. On xbox I`m all digital and it makes quick resume amazing. On ps tho I get my games physical

I prefer physical.

Great picture until you notice Dark Souls 3

Did the PS3, PS4 games you have work on your PS5, I simply want to know if it works?

Digital is a good option if it`s not the only one.

No not time When your game discs start defying the laws of physics, yeah it`s time to go digital


If you go with the all digital system, that means none of these games will be able to play on it. Don`t get me wrong digital purchases are great. But if you have a Physical backlog of games then buying an all digital system will render them useless unless you keep your PS4.

Physical ps games are cheaper


I like to buy Physical on single player games and digital on online type games.

Nah fam, don`t go digital.

I went digital on PS4 and never looked back since then. By the way great games collection. I like your taste.

Don`t I Always preferred Digital

No Physical 4 ever

Going digital will kill the video game industry and the economy

I went digital on ps4 after having to replace the disc drive in my ps3 3 times in 3 years and couldnt be bothered to go through the hassle again.

Always physical unless digital only game. Only prob with digital is if the store closes, ie like the panic after ps3 closure was announced & the simply fact is with digital u only own the licence not the actual media!

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