is it really possible for an iphone user girl

June 25, 2021, 9:29 am
is it really possible for an iphone user girl
is it really possible for an iphone user girl and an android user boy to be in a relationship

me, the samsung user, and my girl, the iPhone user, are in a relationship and we`re doing great.

yes but i just bought an iphone so maybe its like a conversion thing

apparently not :`( Love that u tweeted this from ur computer, hiding ur identity, but no, its not possible

This is me and my husband we make it work some how.

In this one instance, the Bible has the answer. I think were doing alright

I literally ask myself this every time I switch from a dating app to text with a guy and the convo turns green. (So far, the answer is no)

Every iphone user girl started as an android user girl, so yeah it is possible

hey hey hey don`t share the secret

Welp yourr on the web app so u should find a girl on both iphone and android atst Dr

Doomed from the jump

if ur catching my drift

Not if said BF is still in love with their ex

of COURSE??? i have great taste in product AND men

two android users tho

I tried but I had to give in to Apple

took me a while to realize im doing this rn so yes

fifty shades of green, hard pass

yeah my brother did it

Android boy here happily married to an iPhone girl, so anything is possible. We even have an android son and an iphone daughter. Crazy.

I went on a date with a woman who said it wouldn`t work for this reason. I thought she was joking but then she completely ghosted me.

their relationship is doomed to fail

which vaccines did they get

i saw that deleted tweet

you want me just stfu

Imagine a world where we don`t judge people by the color of their phone

Unfortunately. God isnt always paying attention to where he needs to be.


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