Is iOS perfect? Do you think it`s perfect? Bug-free?

July 3, 2021, 10:45 pm
Is iOS perfect? Do you think it`s perfect? Bug-free?
Is iOS perfect? Do you think its perfect? Bug-free? iOS users please reply lol.

Id love to say its perfect cause I had no issues that I could remember but every software will have some issues since it constantly gets changed and updated so encountering bugs and fixing them is part of the process.

Pretty close to perfect, nothing is perfect tho

I still experience bugs on ios 14, not a ton, but theyre there

Every OS has its own bugs, except for our Monochrome OS Get yourself the Nokia 1100 - best selling phone ever for a bug-free experience

Not perfect but works more stable than android for me

No. As an iPad user. I have experienced plenty of little bugs. Probably worse than Android except with carrier issues. This was before I even installed the iOS 15 beta on it.

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No its not perfect. Every OS has bugs and things that mess up.

Very far from bugless for me and Ive only used stable iOS

I just noted another weird bug with Android iOS picture format compatibility with Reddit app for Android. I am unable to post a picture in reddit from my s20 fe which was taken from an iPhone. It`s weird. iOS even restricts file compatibility of pictures. Also devs r at fault

U too

I personally havent experienced any bugs on the public version (14.6 currently)

Yeah..I finally purchased another S20 FE 5G..this time it seems to be working fine although I still can witness some banding issues at extremely low brightness..returned all the faulty ones to Amazon. Purchased directly from Samsung shop.

Okay, I`ll say this that in my time spent with the iPhone 11, it has been a pure bliss at least to me. I encountered far less bugs than even stock Android apps. 3rd party apps also ran very well. If it weren`t for the display or the 12 costing a kidney, I would have stayed on iOS

Just to be clear, its not perfect for me. Nothing ever is tbh. It still has the occasional bugs (which are amplified in the Betas).

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