Is getting the New Nintendo Online Expansion Pack really

October 18, 2021, 2:46 am
Is getting the New Nintendo Online Expansion Pack really
Is getting the New Nintendo Online Expansion Pack really worth it?

If they change the price that is

I owe animal crossing so definitely. All Im gonna say is that online Mariokart 64 battle mode is definitely worth at most 120 dollars

Paying $50 a year to emulate 90s games doesn`t sound too good. And knowing that this probably means when they add more consoles, they`ll raise the price even more, it`s definitely not worth it. Even less when other platforms give you access to modern games in their service.

Honestly I laughed at this and then thought who would pay that much for that and then I remembered Im paying for ps plus, Nintendo online, Xbox gold, and gamepass ultimate and I started crying

Gosh this super isn`t a big deal at all.

Not at all, you can emulate Mario 64 right now for $0 on a chrome book

They knew they could`ve added it all for free but instead made something new and priced it higher. Nintendo does not care about the interests of their users, they only care about making money.

I dont think soin my opinion of course.

Must they INCLUDE the ACNH dlc? Can`t they just make a separate pass without the dlc??

I don`t think it is. I think if Nintendo thought this would cut down on piracy/emulation of certain game titles from N64 and Sega, they should be sadly mistaken now. If the price was lower than it would make more sense and provide a legal way for people to play old games.

Its like 7 bucks a month I dont see why not

Yes, it is. Your meme is wrong. Why. Because.

i`m taking economics right now it`s all about how much it`s worth to the consumer it`s shitty pricing, but some people just love their retros

this might sound dumb but. how about nintendo tries to do a xbox game pass sort of thing where they have some of their newer games on the subscription?

Honestly I gotta say no. From my perspective I never grew up with the N64 titles. Only hearing how great they are from the previous generation so during the direct I was excited at the idea of playing Mario 64 and ocarina of time but thinking about it it wouldve been unnecessary

I can`t say this meme works for that message. The template is too aggressive and opinionated.

Most of the N64 games can be played via remakes or better versions on the DS, 3DS and elsewhere.

Both yes and no

mmmm every month?? nah not when you can get 40 sega games form 30 bucks.

Personally I dont see the switch online expansion pack to be worth it, or at least for 50 dollars a year.

I`m concerned of my savings right now, I`m only getting it for the discount when I feel like it

I would wait. As of right now, I am in no rush. Also, I can just buy the Animal Crossing Expansion instead of renting it for a year.

Some say this wasting money To that I say well so is taxes

They would make more money if they told the N64 games for 10 each like on the Wii. And considering its the same price as Xbox live which gives you 4 new games a month its laughable they think its worth that much when they update the games on it once every few months.

No but still going to get it even though I don`t have a job

I don`t think ANYONE thinks that this subscription is "awesome." If anyone buys it, I would laugh my ass off if people only bought one year for the ACNH DLC then switch back to the normal online.

Everything was at peace until the online subscription nation attacked Is there a version of this where they actually listen to the guy giving advice

Gonna buy it to play paper Mario 64 when it comes out but until then they dont get a dime

Luckily I dont really care about online so Im good but *ahem* THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONCERN ABOUT OUR SAVINGS!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

You didnt do the meme right

Say what you want, but Im still getting the expansion pack anyway. Besides, Ive always wanted to play more N64 games on my Switch besides Super Mario 64.

And I always prepare ahead of time with my money.

If it means I can play Ocarina of Time on the Switch, yes.

9 n64 games 14 sega genesis games No online improvements They released the snes games at a snails pase 50$ a year? Nah not worth it for me

Unless they start updating the library at a rate faster than live service games drop overpriced skins it aint worth it.

The reason I was kinda ok with the price was the AC DLC, but from what ive heard, its linked to the online, so if I dont resub to the Expansion, I lose the DLC. So im opting to not do it, cuz im not that really in need of N64 games, other than PM and Banjo

It`s $50 per year, not $50 per month. Even if- that`s literally nothing. Average person makes at least twice the amount that they spend per month. Stop complaining if you choose to be poor.

I kinda agree with that statement. I go by this. If it has alot of stuff in the deal then it`s worth it

At least not for now. Wait until the future to get it.

not for that price. I don`t care about Genesis games or Animal Crossing so it`s really not worth it.

I might get it if I split a family plan with some friends but other than that Im not interested at all

It`s worth it if it had a lower price.

The only reason to get it is to play with your friends who you put on your family plan.

you tell me its is worth to pay 50 to play old games?

if there were some games i really wanted to play on there, like for example, all the gba games. But ive recently played mario 64 and banjo kazooie so not for me. If there were at least 2 or 3 you really wanted to play then yea

January, So I wait

If ya want to play the n64 games and lots of your friends do then get the family plan and have all your friends pay a certain percentage per year, like imagine 5 friends splitting the membership, not bad at all If you dont have friends then I wouldnt recommend paying 50 a year

Spoiler: He wasnt invited into the family plan

I feel that the launch offering is too limited on the N64 games, the only one I haven`t played is WinBack. Honestly for the Genesis offerings, I already have most of those games one way or another. You should be able to select what consoles you want and pay based on that.

Ehh, idk. Probably gonna wait till they add a N64 game I care about.

If they add more consoles to it, yes. Right now? No.

This honestly makes me miss the virtual console because with Online youre only getting is SNES games Im just neutral on the whole thing to be honest I might get it I might not I dont know

Honestly I only will buy expansion pack once (for now) just to finally play a banjo game for the very first time!

Well, lets explore. NSO is 20 dollars, and ACNH DLC is 25. You pay an extra 5 for N64 and Sega Genesis games, which I think is fair. So yes, I think its worth it. I think maybe 45 would be a bit better through.

I know you guys are sick of this meme alright, but just letting you know be concerned of your saving when you can`t afford it.

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