Is anyone else having issues with @Outlook for Mac

June 22, 2022, 10:27 pm
Is anyone else having issues with @Outlook for Mac
Is anyone else having issues with for Mac not pulling down their email? I use it for Gmail, and it hasn`t updated since yesterday. On latest build. Restarted Mac, no help.

Mine just came back up.

Same issue here!

I`m experiencing the same across multiple google accounts feeding into Outlook on my Mac AND on iOS devices.

it`s the same with me, I was already thinking it was just me

Me too!

Same issue here. Not pulling down on iOS either. When will this be fixed?

Yup. Not working for me either. Neither Mac or iOS Outlook apps I can only get in via iOS native mail app and using browser.

Same. iOS. Even fully deleted the app and reinstalled. Nada. Just stuck at downloading my messages. Hope I didnt lose my focused inbox settings ugh.

Im having the same issue. Yours fixed yet?

Yes! Im running macOS 12.4, and as much as I wish I could enjoy my empty inbox, its definitely not supposed to be empty for ANY of the 6 accounts I run through it. Not syncing, not sending, no contacts and no emails to displayeven via search.

Yes, I am. I get a preview, but its not populating my in box.

Fix here from YES! I just came here to ask the same question. It worked earlier today, but now it won`t sync and it won`t allow me to change any settings in my Gmail account.

Same here. Hey any update on this?

Temporary solution - enable IMAP within your Gmail settings, and then set up outlook to retrieve Gmail via IMAP. I can`t send or receive...started this morning

Same! Very frustrating

iOS as well

Same here! This is a nightmare!

If it`s anything Microsoft products are consistently reliable for, it`s ... failing. Nothing new here, sadly.

Yes! We are having issues at Tell Tell too. No syncing with any Gsuite accounts.

Same here

Same. IOS outlook app not syncing gmail.

Same thing.

SAME . i ended up searching on twitter. ios ipados and macos app is down. cannot sync with gmail, but i get notifications

Same here. Since 12:30pm. Whats happening?? same here. I couldn`t find a solution posted below so I guess we wait!

Yes. Ever since 12:55pm today, ET.

I thought I was going crazy! Glad its actually an issue.

Having issue / on help chat w Msoft

Same here. As well as all outlook apps (both iOS and Android) too not syncing gmail

My emails are stuck in outbox.

Yep, me too. Their support never answers on chat. At least I know that it`s not just me.

Yes, I even deleted my account in outlook and it won`t add it back.

Same here

Hi there, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We have the proper teams looking into it now, and will reach back out if we require any additional information. Your patience is appreciated as we look for a resolution.

It just started for me. Had to check on the browser to see if it was my Gmail, but it`s only on Outlook. My work email is working fine (not gmail)


Same here!

Same here

same here, server error 500, been doing it since 18:00 ish

I am asked to log back into my Gmail accounts and getting this error, starting about 20 minutes ago. please help.
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