iPhone5 is better than an Android of 80k

February 7, 2021, 10:57 am
iPhone5 is better than an Android of 80k
iPhone5 is better than an Android of 80k .

It can. Be possible

I phone is not a phone but an open eyes that cant see anything

I use Samsung s9+ but wallahi i can`t exchange my phone for iphone 7+ talk less of useless iphone 5......... Just imagine mtcheeew

iPhone users think dey made it in life already....smh

You and sense have misunderstanding

To whom it may concern Are you trying to tell us that you`re using iphone5

That wat those that don`t have money to afford an Android of 80k will say

Then don`t know the difference between 17, & 80k sorry

Radarada comparison Samsung S series version better pass all your IPhone from A -Z

State your reasons.

Samsung no be picking mate, just the screen and back cover of A51 can buy u two more iPhones of 100k the camera of A51 is the mate of iPhone x, if u doubt me compare and see. This is a waste of time

Oya tell me one key function of iPhone, and pls don`t say camera

In your opinion

There are two phones in the universe iPhone and others.

You people are taking this too serious, this is nothing but intimidation, use your iPhone and let them use the phones they want in peace!

Bils don`t drow any fight here ohh because most people hate the truth lol

I know it won`t really change a thing but I`m so pissed that I`m unfollowing you

Ah swear some times ba

Realme 6 with 8gbram, 128gb storage, Helio g90t, a 90hz refresh rate, a 30W fast charge and a 4300mah and is sold at 80k on iphone 8 doesnt meet this specifications so wtf are u trying to say

Please and please Twitter has to be specifying between iPhone with crashed screen,home button problem nd with battery health problem nd other minor inner problems that can`t be seen unless the user said and a fairly used Android worth of 80k nd above.

What are u trying 2 imply? Are u an Ambassador of iPhone or what?

Thank God mine is 81k

Freedom of speech

IPhone accessories are chip iOS is a Capital for sure

But.. I still see most people who are using iPhone,, with Android phone,, why..??

E shock you... Stop over hyping nonsense... Is like ur have mental illness Will u delete this post

Motorcycle is different from bicycle

See this gurl with ur big 4 head there yenyen

thanks 4 understanding

I will buy you iphone12 pro my sister, don`t worry.

Na lie

sis make una no vex manage ur batteryfirst

Hope it changes Nigeria`s economy

You`re wrong lady

No be lie balkisu

For your plastic mind abi

Of course i support you

I try pass in peace but couldn`t have the courage!!! Wait ...Sistr why are you attacking me?

Your opinion, then what???

What kind of Android

Says a person who only uses mobile phone for social media apps ... Give ur self brain. Phones are not only for twitting

If I give u that android of 80k u no go collect am?

This one na iPhone 6 dey her hand that`s why she come say 5 coz na wetin she raina

Manage ur cheap wood abeg

I see that`s why ur using iPhone 5

Himm, Android phone has more advantages than iPhone os

k7 sef is better than iphone 5

Pls follow me I will follow you back, forget about her

She said android, wuna con carry the matter for head Keep consoling urself

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