iPhone users, what should Android brands do to make

July 2, 2022, 8:53 am
iPhone users, what should Android brands do to make
iPhone users, what should Android brands do to make you switch to Android?

Camera and the lags bruh iPhone to much better

Make us fly otherwise Im good with what I have

Just like give me a free phone tbh. I dont care that much about which brand of phone im using i just like Apple bc im used to it but like if you gave me a free phone ill gladly switch

Honestly, since non-iPhone devices are open-source, change the operating system or modify Android to have iOS features.

Security, IP tracking blocker, Deny apps to track location and usage

They launched cheaper phones with more storage than iPhone.

nothing!! Apple should change to Android

Offer a trade in program where I can swap my watch, iPad, phone, AppleTV usb cables and chargers

- no random stuttering of the UI. iPhones with 60Hz screen are often smoother than Androids with 120Hz screens - better designed UI. iOS design is professional and clean - better/easier integration with MacOS for moving files, copy/pasting, messages, etc

Sort out any and all traces of stutter, lag or frame drops. Unify your design language across the entire UX/UI. Thats it.

Stop being ugly and adopt iOS

Optimisation. Its key to a good experience. Apple have nailed that. And a unified experience - there is too much non-standardised design in Android still. In some ways that is a strength, but when it isnt optimisedback to my first point.

Airdrop and universal clipboard

Make it minimal and give us the same performance after 1.5 year too.

Switched from android to iOS yesterday because I kept having random issues like the proximity sensor not working when calling or audio stutter when using Bluetooth headphones. Theres just too many random issues for me.

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