iPhone or Android? Both idc what phone it is

August 20, 2021, 4:35 pm
iPhone or Android? Both idc what phone it is
iPhone or Android?

Both idc what phone it is as long as it works

Android, their less fragile than IPhone and have better battery to my opinion

Im going with iPhone, I used to have an android and now switched to iPhone and the battery, camera, strorage, and quality is way better

Why not both Also I have both apple and android devices

Definitely Android, because is way less limited than iPhone.

androids aren`t extremely expensive and most iphones dont even have a headphone jack. iphones can also have bad build quality so they break easily. but ive only ever had android so i dont have the full perspective

I have an iPhone but I feel like android is better, androids have longer battery.

Android for the durability

I had an iPhone 5 it wasn`t bad just way too small then I got a Huawei P30 lite and my god I will never need anothet phone unless it`s an upgraded version of my phone. One problem the edge of the screen its very very easy to touch with your hands on the side of the screen

Android cuz it`s better (no offense)

They do the same thing so yeah

looking back to my samsung memories, I prefer Android tbh

iPhone. I dont like google looking over my shoulder.

I prefer iPhone, iPhone has a lot of storage and more space for apps that usually takes LOTS of storage. And also, the might be expensive but its worth trying them.

Landline dial up telephone circle twist old fashioned

Android it`s simple and easy to use it`s not because it has little storage that the iPhone is better

I don`t get why people want iPhones more. What? Just cuz they look better or something? Android is "Your phone is whatever you want it to be". iPhone is "Your phone is whatever Apple wants it to be." Also, siri sucks compared to Google Assistant.

I would of had a iPhone but my i couldn`t get one cuz my mom deleted her apple ID and switched to android and she forgot to make one for me so I have android but some how my iPad which is apple still works

can someone buy my gamepasse i need robux

If someone prefers iPhone we are gonna have a little talk

Android so I can play granny 3

i`m on iphone but i`d prefer android

iPhone. They are better than android phone

i used to be an android user. but my family switched to iphone since they think its bad quality. so ill go for both here. also im on iphone.

Android is better due to it not having to have a stupid IOS version

Nah im not paying for an iphone that cracks if dropped less than 2 inches or sucked at battery life

Android because iPhone screens Crack offenly

I cant even choose Android because I only had IOS

Never had an iphone....so iphone

Someone fr tell me why iphone would be better lol and android idnt only samsung android is an os lol

iPhone I like iPhone but am ipad

iPhone but maybe Android

Android - battery lasts for years and u can change it easily and for cheap. Has decent performance, storage and camera is okay. And most importantly, it is cheap. IMO ur opinion is ur opinion, use whatever u want and stop fighting about what is better or not.

Battery on iphone runs out in seconds

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