iphone > android Depends what your used too I

December 7, 2021, 4:11 pm
iphone > android Depends what your used too I
iphone > android

Depends what your used too I say android

Android and it`s the worst for Twitter! Always frozen. 2nd phone this year that can`t keep up

Facts Both has its pros and cons...but yeah iPhone > android. I like iPhone but will stick to android for sometimes(Android 12 is so good). may be next year I will switch side!

I just came to enjoy the comment section so long as you don`t mind half a battery

Note there is no other

I agree, my android phone just junks up after usage, time to move on up.

That is the truth. Laggy and full of errors Androids...

OnePlus > Samsung

nobody ever provides reasons for this. you guys just think getting ripped off for overpriced hardware and software is better because of a higher price tag

iPhones are for our Parents

The 1st iPhone was awesome and way ahead of everything else back then. But since then it has been overtaken even by the likes of Xiaomi now. You guys are just Apple groupies. I`ll give them that they are strong on marketing.

i mean even android users should like this tweet

Tell iphone to stand above Samsung`s Knox Security. Nevertheless iphone is overrated.

Where`s the dislike button ?

Iphone is like those blue crayola safety scissors from daycare

Ehhhh NO!! ANDROID!! Most AMC buys made with it!!

Smartphones matured (diminishing returns from new features), which allowed Apple to catch up on utility. Then Apple switched to TSMC for their chips (much faster & more efficient) and Samsung screen tech. Plus they were always better at design. So yes, now iPhone is better.

We may agree on tiddys... but we do not agree on phones.

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