iPhone 6S getting iOS 15 is like the Galaxy

June 10, 2021, 1:17 pm
iPhone 6S getting iOS 15 is like the Galaxy
iPhone 6S getting iOS 15 is like the Galaxy S6 getting Android 12. Thats hilarious.

currently using Galaxy s6 and this tweet hit me hard...

We have got to the point in phones that the hardware doesnt really hold it back. The only downside to using a 6s is the battery, it still runs great so why not support it.

iphone users dont know what custom rom is

If S6 was getting Android 12 there would be storage left for the update in the phone. I guess all iphone 6s s would have gone out of storage... so that you have to delete all you favorite apps for the update.

And if anyone doesn`t know, the last update s6 got was Nougat (Android 7) ...

That`s what makes the difference ;)

And people will complain about their iPhone 6S getting sl

at least android doesn`t block u from using apps cause u don`t have the latest OS!

Android features from 2016 coming to iOS in 2021. That`s hilarious.

True. If only android works like iphone. And if only iphone as good as android.

i m just happy because finally someone mentioned galaxy s6 in 2021 currently i am using galaxy s6 is far better than 6s

Updates don`t matter to an average user. If someone is really using a 6 year old phone, all they care about is whether it works or not. For android phones, you don`t need to constantly update the OS for new apps to work.

To be honest I want to change to a new phone every 2 year.... What`s the point to use 6 year old phone which runs absolutely sluggish and at last no use? Better switch.

Actually it would be like Galaxy S7 but yes we get it

Jump ship. I have enjoyed getting to know Apple`s Products. My phone has a mind of its own. Literally. Every time my I phone doesn`t do what I want I tell Siri I`m buying a droid. Works like a charm

Whats there with latest software if it`s is damn slow??? My iphone 7 is struggling with ios 14. I know fanboys will argue, thats why am attaching proof with this!! IPhone 6s not the same as galaxy s6 Because iPhone 6s is already has IOS 14.6 but samsung s6 has only android 7.0

Once iOS 16 comes out the iPhone 6s won`t be able to install latest versions of apps from the App store while the Galaxy S6 would still be able to install most apps from the play store. That`s hilarious. Ok jk I know 6 OS updates are better than 2 lol

S7 edge was great and would run Android 12 easily, but hey, they need to sell you new one somehow

Its hilarious because the Galaxy S6 will still have more features than the 6s

I didnt think it would even accept the download

Hilarious Android community people like. Samsung

My device is iPhone 6 plus.

Really hilarious. iPhone 6 and 6S is so old phones but people still expect support for these models.

Mainly for features I`m using a 6-year-old midrange phone with Android 6 and there`s not much problem. The phone is still usable for now

Hi chief of software Craig, Can I asked about the rain drop bouncing animation in apple weather app in iOS 15 beta 1. Does these animation only available in the US ?? I from Singapore, when raining, there is [email protected] drop bouncing animation?

I mean if it can run why now]t

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