iPhone 5C colorful packaging in leaked photos!

September 3, 2013, 3:01 pm
iPhone 5C colorful packaging in leaked photos!

We have reported already that Apple is apparently going to release a cheaper version of its iPhone, possibly in plastic shell and perhaps in multi-colors. Now, newly leaked photos show what seems like Apple smartphone packaging in the colors of pink, yellow, blue, and green.
According to 9to5Mac, the site iApps.im published a number of photos of the much rumored device`s new packaging. The photos show high-tech plastic boxes of what seem like iPhones in several colors. The packages have also printed the words "iPhone 5C" on them.
The iPhone 5C is Apple`s much rumored but unconfirmed as-yet upcoming low-cost smartphone. The device is supposed to have a plastic back rather than aluminum and to come in a number of colors. The new "budget" smartphone is rumored to cost between $349 and $399 sim-free.It`s expected that Apple is going to launch both the supposed next generation iPhone 5S and the new "budget" iPhone 5C at an event on September 10.
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