“iPhone 13 Pro is the best camera system I`ve

September 28, 2021, 6:56 pm
“iPhone 13 Pro is the best camera system I`ve
iPhone 13 Pro is the best camera system Ive ever tested in a phone. -

Well, if its the newest iPhone, of course it will have the best camera ever in an iPhone, that doesnt tell us much.

Most American and European YouTubers are biased to Apple and Yes MKBHD too

Then he mentioned the pixel 6 almost immediately afterwards lol

Untill the next pixel comes 0ut

Shocking. Latest phone is the best. Wow. Who could have predicted that?

Perfect to enamor youtube reviewers since video is their bread and butter

He also said that this statement will not be true in about 2 weeks

the last will always be the best. No surprise here.

Might change in 2 weeks

History is longer today than ever before level fo excitement

"atleast until the pixel 6 comes out."

Its actually good. Biggest gripe with iPhone 12 Pro was the camera and 60hz display. Was a downgrade from S21 Ultra, but I wanted privacy (which in iOS is a joke given Pegasus zero click access). But now, this 13 Pro addresses my gripes and its actually enjoyable. Classic imo

I would rather Apple just make the camera and leave the phone alone! Maybe then the price will be more affordable!

The next words out his mouth was that the pixel will probably change this mind in a few weeks? This is so misleading

Everyone calls it biased when their beloved android gets beat at something

Let us know the camera life, before the autofocus shakes. Two new iPhones done the same.

Until pixel 6 arrives

Haha, I don`t think you`ve ever heard of pixel

That`s the key word in an "iPhone"

SHEEEESH I would have to agree but Ive only ever had 3 other phones lol

Nah.... you lie

Pixel 6 for photo/ iphone 13 for video

It could change about a week or 2, depending when the pixel 6 comes out

Kkkkk coragem loll

He probably didn`t try Vivo X70 Pro+ then

Dont forget about why he said right after that that might change in a week when the pixel 6 launches

S21U vs 13 Pro Max step 1: Why didn`t he say Iphone 13 Pro Max?

"@MKBHD is overrated." - That`s why > , biased opinions

Galaxy S21 Ultra is best camera phone.

I don`t believe it, unless I can receive one.

He is pro Apple everyone knows!

Pixel 6 Pro... Hold my beer

that`s some serious stuff coming straight from the horses mouth!!

Max Tech proved the same in an unbiased test against s21, the iPhone smoked it

Absolutely agree and can confirm 13 pro makes photographer and cinematographer happy. The 3x might have limitation sometimes but the Cinematic 3x surprises me, it`s greatZ

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