iPhone 12s or iPhone 13? I mean im fine

June 25, 2021, 3:38 am
iPhone 12s or iPhone 13? I mean im fine
iPhone 12s or iPhone 13?

I mean im fine with 13 100% but I know itll affect sales in the western countries due to the number 13s link with conspiracies. Id say 12s > 14 and so on

Im think maybe call the iPhone 12s and name 13 wouldnt not lucky

12s. 13 needs to have a Bitcoin integration.

13 is a unlucky number so it might be 12s

Is there iphone 12s and iphone 13?

Just "iPhone" (2021)

Either of them is okay if you are giving it to me free of cost.

Imagine they call it the iPhone 14, skipping 13 to avoid missing out on sales to superstitious people...

Probably 13. Wait for 2 more months. If they planned to release 12s we would have seen an Cad render but we didn`t. So 13 will be the next iphone.

Please bring back s

12 should have been 11s since its an incremental upgrade and probably same thing to 13

How about dropping the number and just calling it iPhone

Well, there wasnt an iPhone 11S

Triskaidekaphobia... 12S without a doubt.

They killed the "s"teve

Iphone pro 2021 & iphone pro max 2021 cuz to keep going whit the numbers is just ridiculous at this point.

Has to be 12S, then 14... Isn`t the number 13 an unlucky number is some countries (and with some people).

I hope they dont name it12s because they think 13 is a Unlucky number, lmao, what a f***ing joke, 13 is way better

Get an Android and pretend you know how to use technology

This is the year the iPhone product line gets subsumed by iPad product line. From now on just iPads with screens ranging from 4" to 13"; in Pro, standard, and air; with and without cellular.

If its the same design it should be called 12s.

iPhone 13 puh-lease! The iPhone 12 already has 4 variants.

I just need a free iPhone , never used on in my life

How about iPhone 21?

Please 13! The 12S Pro Max is such a mouthful

12s because 13 is an unlucky number skip then to 14

Doesn`t really matter to me, but I don`t see anything wrong with 13. You?

12s sounds like 12 seconds

It seems like its gonna be 12s, although its kinda strange since were getting a smaller notch and different camera placement (on non-Pros at least). Thats enough difference to warrant a full new number. Also, 12s Pro Max is just too much.

12s cause it`s sure to be iterative upgrade.

There was no iPhone 9. Maybe they will avoid the whole bad connotations related to the number 13 and skip it.

If got to ask then neither one.

iPhone 12s Series X

12s all the way! Or could be 14!!

We dislike number 13 according to our Arabian culture.. its the number of bad luck

Since Apple did an S model for the iPhone 10, but not for the 11, I would assume that Apple`s 2021 iPhones will be name the iPhone 13.

8 or SE still the best for me

Whatever it is, it`s gonna look and feel the same.

12s sounds much better tbh

No more numbers just The iPhone

Just give us TouchID PLEAAASE AHAH

Iwe Michael I Can`t even afford iPhone 6

Sorry to disappoint you but they gonna called it IPhone 13. They already have Register the IPhone 13 name in the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database.

I think Apple will skip the number 13. The next iPhone will we the iPhone 12s and then comes tbe iPhone 14.

How about the iPhone 21? The first iPhone of the 21st Century!!

Does not matter in because 5G is so terrible that you might as well be using the iPhone X running on 4G!

Apple did shut down their R&D department like a decade ago.iphone 11 will do for now.

I think there is a time for new s

Im down to once every 3 years and fallingmy 11 still feels like a new phone.

Hearing a lot more rumors pointing to 12s. For those, whos new to this, I recommend following at fpt

Looks pretty much the same to me, cant be buying phones that looks the same year in, year out okay with the 12 for now

Tangible items do not take 13, so 12s, would make sense.

iPhone 13..,I dont care about the stupid stories

iPhone 14s Pro Max

Whichever is cheaper and available

I am patiently waiting for iPhone 13.

Why would anyone care about the name?

Imo, 11 is better...

Also People Talk About iPhone 14 Or iPhone SE 2

12s Pro Max huh? too long

whether it`s 12s or 13 the inovation still gonna be same

I think iphone 12s

Android UseAndroid Google

100% it will be called 12s

Whatever my Kidney is worth

Windows/Surface Phone

Neither Samsung Android

16s Pro Max Ultra + "Project Red"

iPhone 12s and later iPhone (without numbers at all)

iPhone 12s pro max iPhone 13 pro max. iPhone 13 sounds better

13, pls idw another (s) phone

Depends 120htz and Touch ID iPhone 13 If its just 120htz iPhone 12s

Probably switching directly to iPhone 14. Good world tradition.

Iphone 12s Pro Max... doesn`t sound good to me

12s then they will jump for 14

12s because 13 is bad luck

I hope its 13. Ive never liked the was the s series sounded.

Im going to skip this year iphone 12s or 13 if it doesnt has any features

Leaning towards 13, personally. With the new 120 Hz screens and smaller notch I feel it warrants the number. If outside design was entirely unchanged, Id say 12s.

Hopefully 1312s sounds dumb!

If its not major upgrade then better be 12s

We technically didnt have an iPhone 2. It was called iPhone 3G. We didnt have an iPhone 9 because Apple wanted to celebrate their 10th anniversary with the X. Well definitely have a 13. The s series is over. Its now iPhone, iPhone Pro, or iPhone SE. 3 tiers. Once a year.

OMG please call it 13 we don`t need the stupid naming anymore

iPhone 12s and then iPhone/iPhone Pro in 2023.

Ill go whatever the closest size is to the X. Fits my hand perfectly.

Ill say 12s?

Im hoping for simply iPhone (2022) iPhone mini 2022 and iPhone pro 2022

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