iPhone - 1 Android - 0 https://t

June 25, 2021, 2:24 am
iPhone - 1 Android - 0 https://t
iPhone - 1 Android - 0

Yo, This Ain`t No New Thing, Android Got This Running For Like Ages

ah..you use samsung before ?

Check their new products and their spec`s. That`s why i always say Samsung is the best smart phone in the world. iPhone is jxt lyk a lady, they get hype but age early.

Lg sef get the same feature

LG and Samsung get this feature ooo Chale

Udey loi. Na you no know say android get

Samsung has this feature

Samsung has had this feature for ages bro

You guys shouldnt be like that, hes new to iPhone

Android 2-0 That feature was from samsung and apple begged to copy in tears. Innovation and features:Samsung >>IPhone, ..perfecting features :iPhone >>> Samsung.

I have an iPhone but a galaxy before this 3 years ago and it did the same thing.

Send me ur wallpaper Charlie I luv it

samsung s8 got dis man huawei too dis nor bi news

So we still having these iPhone and android conversations???

S7 was released in 2016 dfkm Android has been doing this since s8 3 years ago

Sharyf always displaying his ignorance

This is why people make fun of iphone users. The ignorance plenty!!

If we say more iphone users be villagers we dey talk true... This feature is even basic... I`m sad for you bro

S5 had this feature lol Iphone > android tho

oh but android get this feature o big man

Try this with LG G6 and same will happen. This nor be iPhone matter Charlie

I like your wallpaper. Can I have it please?

S7 edge sef gt

Man, what kind of Apple cave have you been leaving in?

And besides samsung isnt the only android phone..mention other android phones..mmoa

3na samsung has it 3na samsung has it.,please so mke we also see

Lol, my Samsung does this.

Samsung get this feature be today? Mtseww. U use fake charger sef e go notify u

If i were you I`ll delete the tweet lol

Had this on my s7 though but apple users on a different timeline when it comes to features so I`ll let this slide

Samsung has this feature oo

U guys should learn oo Samsung had this in 2016 ....Iphone Had It 2 years Later Ah awurade

My Lg g6 get this feature.

Got the feature on my Samsung pffft

You dey worry eiii

Samsung has this feature . Don`t sweat it

Galaxy A3 sef dey do

Something samsung has been doing for a long time now, Iphone user now discovered it. IPhone is the last to know

but samsung get this thing from s4 o

They wont understand sef

Samsung dey do bossu

Itel sef get this feature

Arh chairman Samsung get this longest

Lol LG get this feature

Ah this guy be villager or hort

iPhone users be funny android way dey 2049 thinking of new things to come up with you dey here dey laugh about this feature that even the galaxy s7 has

check well you don mad before

lol iphone 12?

Its been in Android since. Keeep up

Samsung still remains undefeated

Lmao..... Samsung has this feature

Android get that sensor some

Android get Chale You make yawa

Lol this feature dey s10 saf ooo

You nor for compare iOS then android abeg. You for compare android phone to android phone like Samsung then Huawei. So please leave we the iOS users alone

Hahahahhaha you just found this . Ma S7 was beaten by rain, I cleaned and tried charging, similar warning was giving, and instantly the phone started heating up less than 10 mins, it was dried and I could charge again. Hours they said for you moobl33 papa

drop your wallpaper

Somtin Samsung get loooooooongest

Update the iOS chairman

But this my s9 plus get it.

Samsung will tell you moisture has been detected....

Are you serious bruh, samsung had this down before iphone was born

Ah So this is what you are new to? Even itel get this feature

AaaEven my s7 from 4 years ago had this feature

So so pressure you iPhone users de give we Android users. We Taya for dis app top koraa dodo.

chairman drop ur wallpaper

Ah most Samsung phone get this thing

Oh Samsung get this feature o

Lol galaxy s8 has this feature

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