“iOS is better than Android”, “iOS has no bugs”…

July 11, 2022, 11:57 am
“iOS is better than Android”, “iOS has no bugs”…
iOS is better than Android, iOS has no bugs

Do one for android as well the amount of absolute mayhem my android tablet has caused is insane

I am most definitely an iOS fan boy but I would agree there are bugs some of them can be quite annoying. But My dad only ever had one where I had to shut the Device down because whenever you open something that needed a keyboard it would open in landscape and you couldnt fix it.

it`s good. But not better

That was a fluke shh

Customization is there on the Android phones... And we can flash any type of os..

iTunes app needs to be either: Deleted Redesigned Integrated into Music honestly

TBH at this point i would say Android and iOS are on par when it comes to bugs or stuff like that. Dont have an iphone but an ipad and damn, how often apps / videos glitch out..Like, its really rare but considering apples image its just not a good look

Ohh, sorry I misunderstood, i thought u were using iOS 16 beta so.... sorry

i really believe Apple did great with it`s software. but as u said QA is not great lately, i think they are relying heavily on the fact that fans will blindly defend and create excuses for them anyway unlike other brands that gets smashed when they experiment and get things wrong

Cant have bugs if there are no features. So yeah they have least bugs? But least convenience.

Oh stable. Ok sir. But who cares. Even though people will say that Android is trash

Certainly, but software like software always has some shortcomings!

Nothing is perfect

Its still in beta phase my boy!!

every software has it`s bugs for sure, what i noticed is most people using iOS don`t even know if something is a bug or that`s how it supposed to be. and it`s also true about limitations, people don`t know what they can do with their phone as they never tried something else

Is it beta version of iOS?

how did you do that ? never had that one

I swear, ios bugs are so weird and they always make no God damn sense...

Well it never triggered with me

My only question I got is.. Who the hell buys songs?? It`s 2022 and is superior

Thats not even a bug, thats a feature when you slide down the multitasking bar and can be turned off if you want.

Im in. I have a collection of screenshots already with these interesting bugs & glitches.

Android is better

Its impossible to make something without bugs,but Android is very laggy and it doesnt respect your privacy,thats why iOS is better

Real Id se ao No bug .... please

No one really says that iOS gas no bugs because it has the most of them..

Had this bug yesterday lmao But... keyboard opens automatically. You dont have to slide down anything, unless if you want to pick an app from suggestion, that doesnt require a keyboard.

yep, i feel you. Altough it was quite vice versa in my case. Most of the time, if i want to enter one handed mode instead of actually enter one handed mode its just open spotlight. These inconsistency has made iOS experience isnt that great.

I have this new bug there is no escape(to apples credit it is the beta but still) Haha if u say iOS doesn`t have bugs, it`s obvious u dunno what you are talking about

I rarely have bugs on iOS and if they happen its harmless and can be fixed in a couple seconds. All the bugs and glitches I had on the pixel 6 before I smashed it were not easily fixable like crashes , the fingerprint scanner sucking and cellular dropping out constantly.

Both the iTunes and the Music app are hot pile of bantha poo.

iTunes is the hell on earth

Maybe i should just make an iOS gore channel?

If you slide down to open Spotlight search on Springboard in a certain way, it enters one handed mode, which hides the keyboard defeating its only purpose No one said has no bugs but android is rubbish

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