iOS Dev `party`!

July 26, 2021, 11:23 pm
iOS Dev `party`!
iOS Dev `party`! (PART 19) If you are an iOS developer, let`s take a break. Let`s say `Hi ` on this thread and let`s follow each other. Don`t forget to retweet! iosdev

Hey folks! Just started my journey in development with swift. Really pleased to say hello there!

Hai I work in IT infrastructure and automation. Sadly, there isnt much desire for apps on Apple platforms at my company. However Im doing what I can to drum up interest.

Hey everyone! Working on at the moment. Lets connect. What are you working on?

Hello, I`m working on Pikka - color picker and palette generator for macOS (and iOS soon) More macOS than iOS these days for me . Working on integraring HudlSportscode ( ) and ( )

Hi everyone from Portugal

Hi Im the crazy person trying to build a next gen messaging app using SwiftUI. I need all the support I can get Happy to be a resource for anything SwiftUI, just ping me! Blog post coming soon.

Hello my iOS dev family

Hello Everyone

Hee Hoo Whats do you do at your full time job?

Hello, Everyoneagain

Lets do it .. hey everyone lets connect

Hello there hi to all the ios and mac devs out there.. what`s you all working on?? Currently I am trying to build my own app as and when i get time from my clients work.. Time management is difficult with multiple projects

Hello everyone Happy Monday, have a great bug-free week!

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