iOS > Android IDC what you think Anyone noticed

October 28, 2021, 6:56 am
iOS > Android IDC what you think Anyone noticed
iOS > Android IDC what you think

Anyone noticed how great is gboard on IOS?

Nice iOS < Android IDC what you think

personal preference, i guess

You just wanted people to notice didn`t you

That`s true...when u compare it with ecosystem n all but freedom I give that to Android..

Sounds like a cell phone mandate to me

in terms of being iOS, mostly reliable, but totally predictable and boring

Nope. Android is king. Says someone who uses both platforms. And both have something good and bad. Its all up to your preference. OneUI > Everything else.

We don`t care What you think

Great for availing features which Android had avail a decade ago??

No one is giving you a free phone ppl for arguing about that it`s just personal preference.

Naah mate, they both are great, depends on your preference

If any other brand gives apple kind of ecosystem , Ill never use apple

If you talk about software updates, iOS it`s WAAAAY BETTER than Android... But... the optimization and the adaptability of the OS according to the necessities to the user it`s way better than iOS, and of course we have CUSTOMIZATION, kind of thing that iOS can`t have.

Android be like : Hold my app sideloading feature(free bird)

Facts dont care about feelings... iOS >>> Android

Android innovation > iOs IDC what you tweet.

Android and Windows always the best

Clearly you do. If you didnt, this tweet wouldnt even exist.

why can`t be there an OS which is as seamless, quick & secure as iOS & as customizable, fun & flexible as Android. Isn`t there a middle ground?

I think Android is way smarter than iOS when you compare individual operating systems. iOS shines when you bring the ecosystem in the picture.

People in Twitter just like to fight these days. Atleast most of em I`ve seen. IOS v Android bs. Use what you like. No one cares what Indians think . Keep worshiping cows

The latest Ios update seems very unpolished to me. Apple used to deliver seamless IOS updates, now the updates are a bunch of features that are more reliable on Android. Considering also android`s customisation Imo android currently wins. (From a linux user`s perspective)

Ninja technique for getting more reach

What`s it like to be wrong?

How about, I love both.

Biased opinion but ok

Okay but Android 12> iOS

Both operating systems are good IDC what you think

since I am always using custom ROM provided by the community, I must say android is better (in terms of customizability).

disagree, although im too used to iOS to return back to Android

Teenagers these days have a tendency to be over dramatic in simple things like having an opinion. Adding an IDC makes them feel superior.

Man you can shift ios to android but Choose a great android phone like Google pixel or Sony xperia or one plus. Samsung sucks!

Android > ios Idc what you think

I`m using both. Android is more user friendly for file system but iOS is more user friendly for Interface.

Thats a personal preference.

In no way is iOS better than Android or the other way around, the question is what do you prefer, the ability to completely customize your phone according to your taste, especially with custom ROMs, more *freedom*, or do you prefer a smoother, streamlined experience?

Android is definitely miles ahead of iOS ..

"iOS > Android"... What are you, 14? Who cares? People should just use what they like and not worry about what`s better or worse. My opinion.

iOS > Android. Android > iOS. iPhone > Pixel. Pixel > iPhone. Its all about preferences. Boy I love my iPhone 12 mini, but the Pixel 6 is beautiful, no need to be a Fanboy! Pepsi P1S > all phones I need a logo made I need someone to write an essay I need help with my homework My account got hacked My account got locked I need a sugar mommy I need a sugar daddy I would love this on a t shirt

Nice bait, but factually it is actually better. Optimization, efficiency, ease of use, integration. All points apple factually wins.

Neither do we my friend

There were no more truer words said Also everyone knows it`s true

IDC what you think

Mmm Idk bruh, cause like while iPadOS is miles ahead of Android tablets (I own an iPad Air 4) I still believe Android phones are ahead in many categories.

Its a nice choice when you really want to experience Android 12

I don`t think we asked you what you thought . You`re preference your business...

I love iOS. But I also hate Siri. It has its uses, but compared to google assistant its hot garbage.

Android = pixel Until you try one I don`t wanna hear your opinion !

Why are people calling it Androids lol lol

Stop with your objective statements and maybe they wouldnt care either

It`s such a dumb thing to say in 2021. They are just tools and fits to different needs. Period.

That`s fine because neither will we lol

Remove Icon Grid System and make icon customization then maybe

Well we don`t care what you think either

Who cares, just use whatever the f you want.but don`t make a one line tweet stating with absolute certainty that one os is better than the other without provide reasons

But Android 12 tho

You`re a fanboy and I don`t argue with idiots. Have fun making love to your iPhone

Well... it`s always gonna be the opposite. But stay a sheep bro it`s okay

You`re not clever or funny, my pet snail puts in more effort towards comedy than you do

we don`t care either

For me and you ? Yes, objectively? No, neither one can be objectively better than the other

Oh my god those tweets are getting even worse. Take this as a rule: before tweeting something give context and reasons to justify your opinion that no one asked for. And make sure to not say Idc because guess what we don`t care about your opinion too.

cant wait to see the civil comment sections

Ik this is bait but I respect your opinion but I going to disagree because Samsung > apple Also pointing out most iphone have Samsung components

Well in terms of features Android has the upper hand but in therm of esthetics IOS is just superior

We Dont care why you think either

I`m on Android right now and thinking about an upgrade to iOS.

Ofc not. OneUi rules.

disrespectfully disagree !!!

Switched from iOS since iPhone 7 Plus and couldn`t have been happier about my choice, iOS has gotten much better in recent years, but it is still locked when it comes to features that you can easily have in Android.

Had both, prefer ios

Idk whether ur actually serious or joking . But just in case ur serious I`ll tell u that it`s all preference

Phones: Android PC: Mac IDC what you think.

They both have pros and cons. Everyone has their preference. Its like saying Messi is better than Ronaldo or vice versa, which ever one you choose its going to divide opinion

the bait in this tweet is hilarious

Why can you just love what you love instead of comparing it? Some people love iOS and some love android. This doesn`t mean if you love one thing you should automatically hate the other one.

Yes we dc what u think either

If you look at it from a technical point of view: Uptime, security, Power management, memory management. iOS is way ahead. Some may like the ideas on Android better, but iOS is just better software.

Android <<<<<<<< iOS IDC what you think

In my xp both end with a draw... "Not in the hw side" one have which the other doesn`t

iPhone for quickness Android for developers I created OSiOS last year with my A* Algorithm

This dude is a troll haha don`t give in!

Well, I cant argue with this Tweet.

iOS Android Its a phone yall not that serious

nah android better ad blockers actually exist there

Oh wow you pulled a killer move. No one expected it

Grow tf up man it`s called what people perfer Stuck up af

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