iOS 6 vs iOS 7 on the iPhone: has performance dropped?

September 20, 2013, 4:19 pm
iOS 6 vs iOS 7 on the iPhone: has performance dropped?

With iOS 7 already officially released, millions of people worldwide have upgraded their Apple devices and many more will do so in the coming days or weeks. The iOS has been accused many times before for looking a bit tired and "old" but the new iOS 7 is certainly much more beautiful, modern and easier on the eye. But has performance taken a hit? Will the iPhone owners have a slower device after they upgrade their devices?
We have seen it all before; Apple releasing a new Operating System, people rushing to upgrade, only to discover their device was much faster before, running the OS it was made for the particular model they have.
"If ain`t broke don`t fix it" as the old adage goes then?
With the new iOS 7, we have users of iPhone 4 complaining that the new iOS is certainly heavier on their smartphones, quite a lot actually, and some of them preferred the performance of older iOS on the iPhone 4. But truth to be told, the iPhone 4 was not a stellar performer under iOS 6 either.
On the other hand, benchmarks indicate that the iPhone 5 performs about the same under iOS6 and iOS 7, so no major difference here, for all of you iPhone 5 users.
The differences with the iPhone 5 are so small, almost like the two OSes are largely identical in terms of performance.
The general consensus was that the iOS 7 was a seemingly heavier iOS and it in a way it is for the iPhone 4, but for all the rest of the supported Apple devices, we recommend upgrading to iOS 7 since it comes with great new features and a beautiful, refreshed UI.
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