iOS 5 Home Screen (2011) https://t

January 24, 2022, 4:48 pm
iOS 5 Home Screen (2011) https://t
iOS 5 Home Screen (2011)

you see, if you`re going to post something that is centered around 2000s nostalgia, then at least it should be something FROM the 2000s.

Newsstand collected DUST.

Aint much changed


I miss my iPhone 4 :(

damn I remember those

4 year old me on my moms phone and on my ipad opening game center getting so confused and not understanding how to open games and play them.

That YouTube icon

Wheres doodle jump

This was about the time i had my 1 and only iPhone

old photos app..

Ahh the YouTube app pre-installed plus you dont have to pay to lock your phone and still listen

This made me miss angry birds

When times were simple, and the air smelled so much better This pic feels comfortable

freindly reminder you can still get these icons back through the shortcuts

Back when game center was an app

It felt so perfect, like nothing needed to be changed

Damn, jaman iPhone 4s

Remember when we could exit the YouTube app and still have the audio playing in the background? ;-;

Still have a 4s with 5.1.1, going to be millions some day

I remember this very clear

Don`t forget Vine Fruit Ninja Clash of Clans Temple Run Cydia Subway Surfer Minecraft PE LITE Candy Crush Plants Vs Zombies Infinity Blade Samurai Vs Zombies Defense Plants Vs Zombies Jetpack Joyride Flappy Bird

i miss the old youtube and notes app so much. the yellow legal paper makes me feel super nostalgic picking the font i want for self insert writing i did when i was like 12 on my iphone 4s

want this setup back

i miss my old phone ong


Last time I enjoyed an apple product. The good old days for sure

That old Game Center logo hits hard even though I never even used it

i remember playing temple run

Looked at account because of this. Rest of it is all just video games. No thanks.

Geezus. Those were the days

life before iOS 7 was something else

THIS Milk Eggs Bread

Where can I get the wallpaper?

I prefer this look over that plan cookie cutter icons they have today.

what about mac os Mavericks Game Centre and the old YouTube!

Anyone? Can happily say that I don`t miss this as all. The new iOS design is way nicer imo

Bro I remember having that Home Screen like yesterday

Can we go back to this it looks cooler

Honestly, what more do you need?

It was the best days

Good times that

YouTube looks like default iOS app

Weve truly come a long way in a small amount of time

I bet the vegans would be very upset by the reminders icon.

my father still uses this version on his iphone 5

I just got hit with way too much nostalgia, damn lol

I remember this on my iPod Touch 4th gen.

First phone I ever owned and all I I was use the maps

Brings back so much memories and joy of the Retina display on the iPhone 4

I forgot YouTube looked like that

cracked af Lennys phone

I miss icons with context.

Whats the one for the iphone iv and v cause i still have them and they still work but they dont look like that

Those look so better than what we have now

This takes my back hard

Camera icon still better than today.

my ipod that got stolen

Lol iphones are the worst

iPhone 4 so much memories

Feels like yesterday using this on my itouch

The disappointment we all had when Apple released iOS 7

Milk Eggs Bread

I think apple should go back to that design esthetic even if just offered as an optional theme

I didnt have an iPod or iPhone at the time but the way the iTunes app looks is way cooler than it is now

We used to be a society

Omg I remember this layout. I had a iPhone 5S a few years ago. Nowadays its a IPhone SE 2020 wow how times have changed!

What about that drinking game we all loved tho?

that iconic youtube vintage icon

As an android user since the 6s this is how I imagine iOS still looks

Man I thought I was feeling old talking in nostalgic terms about the 1990s, then I see this feed

POV: wake up its 2011

We`re nostalgic over iPhones now? I am ancient.

Damn. I remember being excited to download ios 4 on my iPod touch 2 and Finally have wallpapers

Podcasts were so much easier to manage then.

damn This is so nostalgic even tho I never had an apple device

"Rich ppl nostalgia"

This was mine YouTube was the best one

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