iOS 15 Rumored to Drop Support for iPhone 6s

January 22, 2021, 7:10 pm
iOS 15 Rumored to Drop Support for iPhone 6s
iOS 15 Rumored to Drop Support for iPhone 6s and 2016 iPhone SE by

please, not my perfect iPhone SE :C

This is apple the even the 2015 iphone is also getting the update

Its a 5-year-old device, so what do you expect

Let them go with honors and let`s not have the iOS 9 fiasco

we need good batteries too to support them heavy software updates

Well they`ve had their run...

Expected ... but the worst is, ios 14 ruined the battery life of older devices...

My 2013 iPad Air is still getting patch updates

5 Years, Thats Support Fo Ya, There Will Be Moaners, But Thats, Whut 17pm Ta Save Up ? Upgrade

Wall please?

i know, im still saving so much money, i am gonna be ready for iphone 12 mini, i`ll be getting it in the summer

Even if Apple doesnt give these phones the iOS 15 update, they will most likely still continue to get updates/patches. For context, iPhone 5s and 6 were still getting few patches and bug fixes in iOS 12 as recently as few months ago. So users of old devices should be fine.

The 2017 iPad will probably get the update since it has 2 gb`s RAM.

Also ipad air 2 and ipad mini 4, so i need to upgrade my ipad soon

This was expected but people will still complain

This is totally ok. I mean, you get a phone thats usable for 5 or even 6 years. Imo, thats very good. Having the freedom of changing phones only twice in a decade is alright, and very consumer-friendly.

Would it be supported for the iPhone 8 Plus and my 2015 iPad pro

Not exactly unexpected news lol

This is how Apple forces people to buy $900 phones.

Its already been generously backwards compatible enough. I hope by then well get actually useful interactive widgets and no notches at least.

I mean, I think it`s expected? They dropped the 5S, 6 and 6+ with iOS 13, then nothing with iOS 14 and having a 6S, it`s getting slower, and slower, and slower...

pro support what apple gives :) learn from it

And fix the album art issue thats gonna happen.

Well its about time! Haha

They are super old phones! Just upgrade

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