iOS 15 is AWESOME but nothing will ever compare

September 21, 2021, 7:04 am
iOS 15 is AWESOME but nothing will ever compare
iOS 15 is AWESOME but nothing will ever compare to the change from iOS 6 to iOS 7 . iOS15

that was drastic af like the equivalent of 5 updates in one

Was cydia the king of version You has ever permission to : change add remove , develop your iphone as u would like Even games u can pay free wt u like

IOS 6 was better, period

tbh I miss the old one

kudos to whoever designed ios7

Taking me back to memory lane

Yeah its a big step

Also going from iOS 10 to iOS 11, not as drastic as 6-7 but still huge design improvements well, i`m here still with iOS 10

You mean there is not much exciting changes in iOS 15?

True that. It felt like I was entering a different world

They are all the same, no real innovation, no Jobs no imagination

It was a great change but MY GOD I MISS IOS 6

It was amazing but we havent evolved past that since. Interesting.

It was life changing tbh

IOS 7 was legendary fr

End of an era.

Damn why isnt the update out for my phone ?

Why is this nostalgic !!!

It was a glorious time.

I honestly miss iOS 6 sometimes.

I hated it so much when it changed lmao

I miss the dots for signal strength

Id still rather 6

Childhood flashbacks

Remember the old YouTube icon?

Can I download it to my Motorola Razor? Yall be so thirsty for likes What about iOS 0 to 1? That was a neat upgrade.

6 is better lowkey

I whole-heartedly miss Jobs skeuomorphism. It was meant to make the digital world more real looking and easier to quickly navigate. I never liked Ives influence and without Jobs to balance him out we ended up with this Nickelodeon-looking garbage.

iOS 6 icons were superior. In many UI designs, skeuomorphism is still superior when describing actions. Although to be fair, it doesnt always work well, e.g. winamp skins.

Ah the fated jump from skeuomorphism to flat design... I still remember the outrage from some quarters! And as usual Apple was late to the game with this update as well.

Im too poor back then to experience that

Why is freeway 280 so important? Is it is headquartered close to that freeway

Very true. What an update!

This was an event in my 4th period during my junior year. We all updated at the same time.

nothing is a strong word.

I still have an iPhone 4 with iOS5 on it. Old YouTube app and all! I like to turn it on every once in a while just to experience the nostalgia

iOS 7 was a game changer, RIP to all the iPhone 4s out there that got destroyed by the 2013/IOS 7 update.

I expect this dramatic of a change everytime we get a big update and they have yet to do it

Sadly. It was like going from a gorgeously drawn and intricately hand painted Fleischer Brothers cartoon to one of those flat, lifeless excuses they call animation now. Dull. Bland. Still blech after all these years.

Looks about like nothing

Hows the battery life for iPhone 11??

Back than it was so anticipated. I remember me with an iPhone 5 just waiting for it to drop, every 5 minutes checking if it finnaly came

I remember having to delete all my apps to download

No phone OS will ever capture the design of iOS5/6. The cultural impact it had on design. While iOS 7 was needed change, as with any change, initially made people skeptical (afraid of change). Sadly to date iOS 15 is still largely iOS 7 design

Lol I remember we was in school using the WiFi to get this update

I miss the dots for signal strength

I also remember iOS 5 when they added the notifications center and back then it was a big deal. I think it came out with the iPhone 4S in 2011 Ahh good times.

chile i rushed home from school to update this! Wish they would have customizable icon sets, so you can choose your own.

the days of the old man RIPjobs

That was a cultural reset.

Man I loved that IOS update and Im now depressed from nostalgia

These were happy, simpler times, where we didnt demand over the top tech and we were fine with this

I honestly think ppl wont care if Steve hasnt passed and Scott has not been booted by Tim. And lets b real. Anytbjng always look so old and dated when they are old dated just like many movies.

Old one was better

On android we call that a "theme".

I like the old iOS better its felt more clean

Why cant we have options for skins? I wanna see an iOS 6 appearance with iOS 15 features

Feel like a time that never happens

holy crap everything is so overly complicated with the shading it looked out of place with the simple hud on the top ios 7 was a very welcomed change for me lol

ios 7 was the last major apple update

I kinda miss the look of iOS 6.

yall say this every year, please stop. i cant handle the nostalgia pain anymore

That change was the revolutionary for Apple

iOS 6 was better

we see this tweet every year please stop

I remember when that came out and my boss at work refused to update to iOS 7. Then she broke her phone and had no choice, when she got a new one.

I actually kinda miss the old iPhone look tbh

I remember that! I was so excited!

I kinda miss the way the old settings app looked

My initial reaction to iOS 7 was... bleh. It felt like beautiful, intricate Pixar quality visuals had been replaced by hodgepodge of temporary placeholder images. Well, now I`m fine with it and understand the reasons for the change.

Whats awesome bout the iOS 15????

And everyone hated it back then. It really grew on us.

I do miss the service dots instead of bars not gonna lie.

Yeah, iOS 7 was a huge step backwards.

How did you manage to travel a day previous?

U mean nothing will ever compare to iOS 6

But.. you went back in time a day?

I feel we`re moving to a nice compromise between the old iOS and the Jony IveOS. Still the old one has a very unique aesthetic feel to it.

OMG I remember that lol

I mean if you were there when that happened then yeah youre right

2013 was a simpler time

this is an accurate tweet...6 to 7 was a big change and welcomed.

the old ui was better honestly

Yeah that GUI update was cool indeed!

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