iOS 15 has been out for about three seconds

September 23, 2021, 6:21 am
iOS 15 has been out for about three seconds
iOS 15 has been out for about three seconds and Overcast is already at 24% iOS 15 usage. Plus one sole iOS 16 user, which I absolutely love.

Quick, talk about all your iOS 16 wishes!

At least on Android I can install LineageOS and wait to update until I am darn-well good and ready.

The iOS 16 user I`m loving the watch app and the widget.

Plus one sole iOS 16 user

The speed of adaption of a new iOS is incredible

I have noticed battery life is much worse. Seems to happen the first few days for all major updates.

Just wanna say god bless you for fixing that tiny little 1px movement that was happening when returning to the main view

What is the Overcast Stars watch complication supposed to do? Is that new or have I just not noticed it before?

A lot of us nerds have been on some beta variety of iOS 15 for months. And consequentially, a lot of us nerds also run Overcast, so 25 percent isnt exactly unexpected. What will be interesting is seeing how many stick with iOS 14 six months from now.

Nice work on the CarPlay update!

Im loving the CarPlay interface updates!

Right here, also, when did you add a widget? I cant help but wonder if making updating to iOS 15 more optional this time around is going to hurt mainstream adoption

Im back down to 14.8. I cant handle that safari dumpster fire

All CarPlay users really want to upgrade, the chapter changes are so good I am trying to decide about listening to the bootleg or not lol

The iOS 16 user is Federighi!

Seen a lower uptake than usual or its the same? Considering that Apple made it more optional this time around

Hey iOS 16 will run apps you heard it here first.

That`s Craig Federighi

Is it possible someone spoofed the dagnostic data or is there actually someone on a pre-release of iOS16 already?

Youre welcome! Upgraded to iOS 15 today and listening to podcasts on Overcast as I tweet this.

this one goes up to 16

Where have they been?

Never too early to start the iOS 16 feature rumors!

What was it the beta usage last week?

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