iOS 15 comes out tomorrow

September 21, 2021, 3:23 am
iOS 15 comes out tomorrow
iOS 15 comes out tomorrow. Ive been using it a few months, and people seemed to like the last one, so here are some tips and tricks again this year.

this for you Tati

How does that even work?

check this out

italics? can we use italics in imessage yet

Apple wins yet again.

Oh yaaaasssss! This i am going to looove!

I hated the Podcast updates.

i seen ur sc story lol

cool tips

prayers were answered.

It took some adjustment while using the public beta. Youve convinced me to give it another try.

As a person with disabilities, the phone answering set up is sometimes impossible to target and answer. Ive hung up on so many calls because I cant hit the right button (or been able to slide down to speaker) in time.

Yea I had the beta too, the first couple updates had my phone on a brick

I thought this was a joke

Any chance they addressed this? I get a headache every time and it takes me at least 10 seconds to figure out what to do . Have they made a black shaking hands emoji yet?

This will be a lifesaver my problem lmao

How you prevent safari from opening the app instead of going to the website? Or if your trying to search something new and it just launches the app of the last website

I practically spoke this into existence It gets real in the beta

pls upload a tutorial on how to use this feature PLS

Thanks for this. Is there still not a way to create and search photo metadata?

Way to bury the lede!! Jk thanks for this thread

good thread

Thank you for this info. Helped a LOT.

thank goodness

does it work with Spotify?

Wait..... I phones can JUST now do this? Is that correct?

You can move it back up in the settings

Thank youuuuu!!!

Good luck murdering me

Im stealing all the PDFs now!

iOS 15 gives apple access to your photos. Complete unfettered access. Its for a good reason, but it most definitely will be used for bad reasons.

!!! Its our time to shine!

Is it only Netflix or does it work with all streaming platforms?

netflix share thingy so u dont have to ask what time theyre at

Lol def a double edge sword but I love it personally bc user protection is def most important

Agree with this - Apple products make my job as a digital Forensic investigator a lot harder than normal

Ayyyy now we talking!

My FaceTime share button disappeared I had the beta version

thank you for this thread !!

new update

Peep dis thread. This weve been crying this one. finally the beta one is trash

Yooooohhhh why? a complete bore this feature is

would you say this significantly will compromise battery life on an iphone 10?

You move the search bar if you want.

Pull refresh been there for a few years if Im not mistaken

the fact you used Jordan Rakei, love that

Shoutout to you listening to that new Jordan rakei tho!

Is there anything about reorganizing your apps in your Home Screen? Like, lets say I get a new app and need to put it in a specific folder, do I have to fuck up my entire screen to drag it to said folder? Or is there FINALLY a drop down menu of where Id like to put it?

lol same im board of it already

I needed this

Thanks for sharing this thread are you a product manager or you just like a/b testing?

You can change it back to the top in settings

Now I know to read this thread in an Australian accent wish I had been notified before

streamyard needs this

the screen share button isnt even on ft for me Helping out mankind one small update at a time!

save thread

ios 15 came out like almost a week ago

Okay finally an update I can get behind.


Probably my favorite update by far

this one will change my life.

thank you for this lovely/helpful thread!!!

Here ya go lol Didnt even touch on the new maps

The most important of them all is that you can now click on the alarm to change instead of having to click first on edit

This is great. Now I know whats new on my phone. Btw.. The 3.2 gig download and update took about 45 minutes for me. I have an iPhone 12.

Wish it had the ability to name groups that have both iPhone and android users in it

How do you set your phone location somewhere else

Pretty slick. Feels like the foundation to their future Apple Glassesor whatever it`ll be calledproduct.

Thank you for this. Exactly what I needed

Sidenote, BLM, Beyhive, and a PS4 gaymer? The taste is exquisite.

Thanks for this thread I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max and never use any features not even the camera. Now I know what I can do on this damn iPhone lol its basically been my iPod.

omg finally!!

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