Introducing Foos brand new show, #MedicineAtMidnight Radio! Tune in

February 7, 2021, 1:00 am
Introducing Foos brand new show, #MedicineAtMidnight Radio! Tune in
Introducing Foos brand new show, MedicineAtMidnight Radio! Tune in Mon-Sat at 4pm PT & get to know more about each member`s musical path. Nates first on Mon followed by Chris, Rami, Taylor, Dave, & ending w/ Pat on Sat. Check it out, only on

AND..... Another Apple related show we with Android phones would love to watch it too.

I think it was better than Concrete and Gold but not as good as Wasting Light

Love the new album. Great work!

Just bought the new album. It is so different to what people would expect. It will definitely be what is known in the UK as a marmite album. Personally i think its difference is what makes it such an excellent album

Excited about this... even though its late U.K. time

Hell yes and thank you

woo hoo!! this should freaking AMAZING !!

Foo fighter? Is that the dude from silver chairs band that doesnt use a metal zone?

Why only on Apple?

this is so cute

I love you guys. I followed you everywhere in the world. But this new album is not meeting your standards. What has happened to your sound?

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