Interesting fact: Android users secretly want an iPhone

July 10, 2022, 2:32 am
Interesting fact: Android users secretly want an iPhone
Interesting fact: Android users secretly want an iPhone

Would you look at the time...

Someone who uses a Samsung S22 Ultra wouldn`t need an Iphone

most android users xant afford flagship phones so its understandable to want rhe best. And admit it as an android fanboy. iPhone performance is light years away vs android phones.

Not true apple is an excellent company however the don`t cater too well to 3rd party improvements

Maybe for some but conversely iphone users badly need an android

Interesting truth: this Android user wantED one, got one for work, and absolutely HATE it.

iPhone has better capacitive touch compatibility with software. (Anyone has problems with unlocked android on pocket touching itself??)

I don`t know why but even though my main phone is 13 pro but i noticed i always stick to my pixel 4a 5g.

I agree if you go by what the majority of tech users on twitter say but the majority are most likely ios users anyway. Lots dont and actually genuinely prefer android esp one ui and its feature rich os

Had an iPhone 12 and a 13 Pro, good phones but didn`t love them like I love my Z flip 3!

Not a fact it just your fact

I didn`t even use my iphone because i prefer android phone

will not me, I don`t want that overpriced

Honestly, yes but not to use it as a main phone, rather to have both OS

No! I`m sure some people do but I don`t like iPhones

they also dream about collecting dongles and connectors - lightning to usb 3, lightning to hdmi, lightning to usb 2, dongles for macs

been thinking of pixel lately

can people who weren`t even born yet when the iphone came out pipe down

Absolutely not. Where the heck did you get your information? Wouldn`t buy into the Apple ecosystem at half the price.

I want an iPhone with open source code.

He`s right minus the secretly part. Every android user knows ur right but still needs to prove Android is better.

they want iPhone bec they hate holding a brick like phone you know A series

I mean there is some truth to it. Then I realize they are a terrible company I don`t want to support. Interesting fact: Some iPhone users secretly want your mom


It wasnt by choice Im trying to go back to android

Nah. Why would I want to switch to a phone what will require me to also get a tablet and/or a laptop to do the same things I can do on my Fold 3 with a Bluetooth keyboard? Why spend more to carry more and gain nothing?

We need more than just Apple and Android. It`s not possible that a better alternate can`t be created. maybe can make a Tesla operating system. Now that he`s got the twitter backers money too!

This was me I didnt keep secret about want iPhone 11 but now I have 1

Nah but the iPhone 12 is the best looking phone in recent years

I miss sideloading apps since I switched but at least my phone is more stable/not constantly crashing

Well am interested in new things something the iPhone line doesn`t go hand in hand with .

I know many Android users who want an iPhone and most of them end up buying illegally-imported units activated via R Sim and other fraudulent stuff like that.

Source: Trust Me bro

Guilty until after i got one No i dont only secretly want an iPhone, i want an iPhone

I was bored so I bought an iPhone 13 what a piece of junk

lol no I use 3 phones daily and non of them is or will be an iPhone

Up to so far I don`t see a need

Secretly want some features absolutely. The entire phone, hell naw

If you offered me one for free, I`d say "thank you" turn around and sell it to have money to buy a new Android

Congratulations.. That isn`t true I love my Huawei more than any phone

"Twitter for Android"

Idk I have an iPhone but I miss my second sim phone s22 ultra. Rip.

i like not having to waiting 3 years for copy and paste lol

They should. They`re better.

Not sure ...Andriod has alot of advantages ..I prefer android to iphone

Not even...I`d rather vote Democrat than buy an iPhone


I want a pixel 6 pro actually

No im An android kid

Dream of iphone user lol

I mean, that`s what I say everywhere - Iphones are not bad! They have good software, they have good camera quality, they gave good chips etc. I would probably really enjoy like a 13 pro as a daily driver, it`s just that it is very fucking overpriced.

You`re correct. And I`m hoping to get an iPhone once something bad happens to my current phone

nah i really didnt but here we are

I would say alot of people who use cheaper android phones do want an iPhone or a higher end device.

We absolutely do not

True and after switching from Samsung to iPhone regretting it

Interesting fact: iPhone users want software with free modification like Android. AndroidDev

you realise that the Samsung S22 ultra is better, more fun and free than any iPhone.

Aside that iPhones and all product can be considered as a luxurious item due to how expensive and authentic they are.Also,@Apple products are always not subjected to market fluctuations .Android and other smartphones dont have such stays on the market

I am an iPhone user but I still have an Android phone with me.

people who use both

bruh the ecosystem alone when it comes to products is something else that Android users can compare to .Unless of course they download third party apps but with no back doors and third party apps required

But are focused on hating iPhones even though they dont know a thing about them.

For what exactly although i now have one also with my sammy boy

I want to shoot my Apple phone for target practice, but Im told not to.

Not really, I just wanted a phone that fits my needs.

No I`m good with my android

iPhone user here and I know for a fact that this fact is false. You do know what you are doing right?

Lie elsewhere. I sell iPhones as a side hustle and use my Huaweisupport my hustle whilst lying to people I don`t mind iPhones bring good money coz ya`ll been sold the propaganda by Apple Inc In fact, I`ve wanted, but then I`ve started to play with iPhone 13 PM of my friend and I`ve realised why I don`t like iPhone. I want to be able to sideload, I want camera settings to be in the camera app, the notch bothers me, I need an app drawer, I want to instal any launcher.

Most of iPhone users were android users before

But only the hardware and that`s a maybe. Not the software.

I can certify that that is not true, I just want a better android phone.

Android phones used to be good Now all of them are on a race to be like apple

If it had a good os id buy it

Seriously, I do miss a lot of things from iOS.

Interesting fact: iPhone users are fanatical about phones with pens

But yes I want iPhone 13

No i only want a second Samsung phone

I`ve an Samsung note and an iphone and i prefer my Samsung

I`ve always wanted to use an iPhone & last year I finally made the switch. After almost a year of usage, I can say that I`m not a fan of the overall UX & imo, many of the Android users who want an iPhone will ultimately want to switch back to Android once they actually use it.

why do some of you people do this

Im here to see who took the bait

Im an iPhone user who wants Apple to step up their game instead of just offering the same phone every year and mark up the price just cuz of a name change and a tiny bit better camera quality from the last phone

Most*. Not me though.

I want an iPhone running android. what about that?

This is true in my case. Last I had was a Note 20Ultra. Always found something that made me say, If this was an IPhone it would be better. I finally got and iPhone 13 pro. I finally realised that it makes no difference what phone do you have. Just be happy with what you have!

So that they can show others, why not to buy an iPhone.

A lot of android users buy iPhone because they can now afford it.... The power of iPhone is not necessary in a smartphone.... Most times we don`t even use our phones to the fullest potential

So i can sell it and buy a better android sure

U know nothing, Iphone user.

Wrong. How could you say such a thing

Im living proof that is false

Clearly you dont know my brother I just want to test it, i use my android as the install device with android dev so I`m not sure if I`ll use iPhone as a daily driver.

interesting lie* i already have an iPhone but I don`t want to use it

Some android users, just as some iPhone users want to go android.

Thats actually a dramatic fact

No secret I have been using both platforms for years and years lol. The best way to be is to have both platforms

Low key iPhone users know their product boring but they use it for clout smh

Finally bye bye to android But still for my first love Samsung !

No? I`m perfectly comfortable with Android, all i want is Xperia 5 MK3 since im happy with the MK1

Interesting fact, in the real world no one cares what phone you walk around with unless you have some futuristic transparent glass looking phone? Im not gonna lie Im craving for something different. I get bored of all phones nowadays

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