Instead of getting the iphone 13

September 22, 2021, 3:56 am
Instead of getting the iphone 13
Instead of getting the iphone 13. Get a Google pixel

I am .... 6 Pro for me !! But she wants an iphone

Google needs to get on their horse and get a release date and more info out

I see... A woman of culture...

If only my work phone wasn`t an iPhone.

If would only let me know WHEN I can get excited to buy one...

I will rather get a Sony

I am planning on getting the Pixel 6 but I am also getting the Ipad mini 6 in 256gb

But it`ll be only available in 8 countries and not India.

And its equivalent is Google Pixel 6 Pro.

The pixel 6 pro is my last choice on Android after having all the Android this year. If it does not come as it is said I am going to ios after many years with android.

HTC Legend 2021 Introduction! Nope iPhone 13 pro max is better than pixel in almost every way. Pixel 6 pro can only compete with it

We like the way you think, Ella.

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