August 18, 2021, 11:07 pm
Insane. If I trade in my Note 20 Ultra, I can get the Galaxy buds, Galaxy watch classic 4 and the fold 3 for $1300.00. Wtf...

What currency are you both using?

I have the galaxy s21 ultra and it seems like you guys literally can pay 277 while I`m here getting like 800 bucks out on the flip 3

Note20 Ultra 5G trade in could have got you $850 value .. if you did book your phone during your the launch promo .. a week earlier

That`s a good example of "perceived" value. The $540 is probably the manufacturing costs. Every above was profit. Apple certainly ain`t giving that back. If they can save a couple hundred dollars on a quality product they will buy

Thats why you dont trade it into Apple you sell it online, I sell Apple products all the time and I make a lot of money

Iphone trade in is crap!!!!! I bought 11 pro max over $1500 went for trade in on apple site offered $540. How is this holding value for an iphone? The iPhone 12 series are the same price as they were on release date 9 months later whereas the s21 ultra can be had at close to 40% off if you look hard enough and that`s 6 months after release.

It has more to do with the fact that Apple doesn`t allow vendors to put iPhones on sale or do it themselves untill the following iPhone is out. Compared to Samsung who slashes their prices by up to 20% within the first few months.

In my country, samsung offer s21U 512gb just for ~$500. And pre ordered z fold 3 512gb is ~$1800 without watch and buds

Nothing at all. Go for it

Thats some pretty aggressive loss leader bundling to get en masse ecosystem buy in

Yeah, credit value craters so quickly, faster than used cars even :/ *laughs in note4* Why not a Hamilton good sir

I only follow tech people like MKBHD, John Prosser, Linus tech tips and Lew Later, just to name a few

I love all tech, Technology is the future point blank and period

Im a techie and thats all I like to talk about his tech

Oh OK I guess that makes sense

Why do iPhones hold their value longer than Samsung devices or any android device for that matter?

So cool! Wish it be available in other countries

Compare to note20ultra it`s bad

Reuse! Reduce! Reclye in That order!!!!!

Don`t trade in your electronics! Reuse your old. If your a tech reviewer or just an enthusiasts I`m sure your mom dad brother sister or wife would love your (old) note 20.

Wow. That really is wild.

Is that Good or Bad?

They are good but I want the best

I would consider the fold if I had more money and if I cared less about the camera

I am only waiting for my mom to arrive home from seaside so we can get it done tomorrow hopefully Bare in mind that there is still chance me not getting it

I got the offer from one guy that lives near me and we will probably meet tomorrow so he can see the phone and buy it

The fold 3 isn`t ready! It got bad cameras

I also got an amazing deal for selling my Note here: 600$, used S21U is about 900$ here so I will get that probably

That super cool, I think it is almost too good to be true, I envy the ones that got the chance to have such a wonderful deal.

Whyyy do they not give us this much in Europe

Nice This is a great move by Samsung to start their ecosystem with all their products. More people will buy these instead of individual. And also they should shift on their own os on mobile and pc so that things are more compatible with each other

And they say Samsung users are poor

I am getting $100 for note 9. I give up already

Why not such bundles for Indian market??

Forget the buds , get the sonys

Only good deals in the US tbh

That`s crazy Samsung Canada would probably give me $75 if I`m lucky

Damn I love my Note, but this is tempting. Although I already have the buds live and if I trade in my watch 3 I can get the 4 classic for 180$...decisions decisions... I just wonder how practical the Fold is for everyday use. Plus the S Pen doesn`t have the features like the note

He`s a funny guy who don`t understand what buying a new device is. Not saying that buying 2nd hand device is bad, it`s personal choice. But new device comes with some tech in it which fades over a period of time and hence bocome cheap. Online demands offer.

That`s a good deal lol

What else? All "new" galaxy phones are worth way less than most shops sell them for. You can check ebay and other platforms and see some people sell their Fold 2 Devices for a bargain. I bought my 1 week used Fold 2 for 600$. I played with it for a week and now i want to sell it.

This shows how much is Samsung worth ;)

I can have a Z Flip 3 for 349

I get $100 for a Note20Ultra in Romania...

US has best deals on the planet

Employee Purchase Program

I can get the Fold 3 for $277. But I`m not, so there`s that

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