Incidentally, one of the weirdest ironies of VR tech

June 29, 2021, 10:31 pm
Incidentally, one of the weirdest ironies of VR tech
Incidentally, one of the weirdest ironies of VR tech is once you get inside VR your biggest inconvenience is you can`t use your phone. You`ve gotten used to using your phone as a moment-to-moment tool in daily life (clock, check IMs, scan QR codes) and in VR, it isn`t there.

Its interesting how many solutions to this never took off. Vive launched with it, but it was horribly unreliable. GearVR eventually got it, but you couldnt multi-task. PSVR got it, but again you cant multi-task and the res is bad. Invrse made an SDK, ran out of money

dream-android was like turned up to 11 with the crappy UI elements

I have this problem all the time in dreams. Technically the phone is there but it never works.

You can definitely open a twitch chat window in ovr toolkit, unsure if both work at once!

Someone literally dropped a kit for that like, a month ago. [digs it up] Yeah. Holoswitch. Steam only though. this thing looks cool. I wonder if you can use it at the same time as the twitch chat overlay I used to feel this way before I started using ovr toolkit! I`ve actually been thinking scanning QR codes could be very handy in a virtual space for opening urls that you can look at outside of vr later, too.

I fully agree with this

phone that is just your arm

scaling my monitor up like it`s just a windows uh... window would be amazing

I want this six years ago. I want everything, and I want it without having to buy into a system where Apple decides what you are or aren`t allowed to do with your computer or into a system where Facegoogle monitors everything you do for 0.001% more effective advertisements

Yeah I was thinking about an app that makes your phone the touchpad !

I want all my devices feeding into a shared AR space. I want a "laptop" with no screen, just a keyboard and mouse. I want to project a half dozen "screens" around my desk like in those Hololens demos, move them around with my hands and interact with them with the dummy laptop.

It`s been a while since I used my steam vr set but I had add-on app that let me pin regular Windows in view while playing games, and it was kind of cool and surreal. IIRC you could pin a window to the back of your wrist too, and pipe an Android emulator to it.

Once retina quality AR exists a thing I really want is "touchpads" the size of a phone or an ipad which is just a blank slate touch sensor that your AR headset can wirelessly read touch events from and fake-project a screen onto the surface of I wonder if you could put a virtual display on VR and Screencast your actual phone screen to it

Like how some VR games with twitch integration lets you see chat on a screen by your hand you can pull up

having you actual phone in your hands and seeing it in real time in vr would be wild

Like Virilio said of fighter pilots strapping themselves into their billion dollar aircrafts: for all the technological sophistication going into making the interface as seamless and high-powered as possible, once inside, they can not in any meaningful way use their arms or legs

fwiw you can screenshare android with your computer in a dx-wrappable window via USB without jailbreak, there`s a few apps

we have a team of 2 right here, could probably spawn another one if really need be

@whitequark So much technically low hanging fruit in the world, so few woman-hours... :(

just put a phone in VR, how hard can it be

Like it`s actually kind of funny if you think about it, you`re in a digital world and you`re horribly inconvenienced for lack of a computer. (This is one of the "easy wins" I feel like a potential Apple VR/AR headset could get, by just running iOS apps on a simulated phone in VR)

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