-In a brilliant business move… Google is now urging

July 21, 2021, 3:04 am
-In a brilliant business move… Google is now urging
-In a brilliant business move Google is now urging Apple to move away from SMS for Messaging outside of iMessage as they sight less privacy and security also noting that SMS cant be encrypted. Its your move Apple??

Apple says use iMessage. What if you send a text to an android. Apple says dont. Eventually theyll get an iPhone and you can text all you want.

Oh okay I take back my other message Then yes Apple should include a badass hybrid of iMessage and RCS included in the Messages app

Personally I think it will but not a lot though

if Apple added RCS and green bubbles wasn`t a thing anymore do you reckon there will be more android users in the near future?

Google be like 100% on board with this

I like it!

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