Important facts about Ionic: - It isn`t just for

November 30, 2021, 1:01 am
Important facts about Ionic: - It isn`t just for
Important facts about Ionic: - It isn`t just for mobile apps - Ionicons don`t require Ionic - Capacitor works with any web app - Ionic can be used without Angular Did I miss any?

I have a few, but they`re not really a good comparison. Most app comparisons I see are essentially a blank app, which doesn`t really show enough. Actually working with a few folks to get some real comparison apps put together

If you like this tweet, you will love my exclusive emails for my subscribers. Join here: In my experience that is true. After Capacitor 2.0 I moved my app from Cordova to Capacitor (some bug appeared that I couldn`t figure out) and it just worked. There was a plugin that I used for iOS apps that was needed but didn`t work in the other one in 1.0.

As long as it is snappy. But given that my 4+ year old ionic app is pretty snappy Im sure it has only gotten better.

It definitely looks nice and it seems like the docs have improved significantly. Definitely a contender. I started on a swift app, but quickly realized I didnt want to do everything again in Kotlin and TS. Yes I can use Kotlin for iOS but would prefer swift for some reason.

Developing a mobile app in the next few months. I wasnt crazy about ionic when I used it a few years ago, but this tweet has me looking at it again. The real problem I had with it was plugin maintenance - not really ionic. Seemed like we a lot of issues with upgrading.

CapacitorJS is great. I`d like to see a performance comparison between Capacitor, Flutter & native. In particular launch time. I would be happy to do the Capacitor+Angular. Anyone up for a simple todo app or similar? Each should abide by best practices in their languages.

And it`s super duper cool!

You can use Ionic with any existing web UI library!

Unmatched documentation and community support.

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