Im working really hard on a list of

June 24, 2021, 9:51 pm
Im working really hard on a list of
Im working really hard on a list of , who deserves to be in this list? Im posting this list tomorrow.

SafeGem NFT authentication of precious stones Audited and Rugproof Hyper deflationary with $2m Market Cap Chart: Website: Telegram: MoonJuice. The is loose!!! $MOJO $MOJO $MOJO Its got to be $RISE at number 1

$STRIKE No.1 HODL No.1 BSC In my opinion should be No.1 on the list.

Man I give up I have been trying so much to win your giveaway but doesn`t seem to win any its hopeless

Tiki is best Reinvest your dividends you earn back by holding $TIKI ! Just buy Tiki and hold. That`s it. Automatic rewards in BNB hourly. Reinvest and earn even more. Bitcoin bsc cryptonews newtoken bscgem cryptocurrency BNB NewCoin altcoins


is shining bright like a diamond. You dont want to miss it .

Tiki token and EverRise!

$SLAM is super exciting with great devs and community. Multiple products released and more coming!

EverRise on bsc of course. Learn about BuyBack feature, the Kraken and the upcoming EverHold project

You mean 4. Because $strike coin is already there.

Definitely the tokenomics are genius EverRise EverRiseArmy everrise

No need to try hard bro... is the future of crypto, have a look at our brand new website and give yourself a chance to be a member of this miracle Anubinu kai BSC This is the Future We are Football $FTS crypto euro2020 footballstars

TIKI changes the game.

$STRIKE Tradestrike are building a trading platform built on blockchain technology. Trade stocks, crypto, NFTs and real estate. $Strike will be the sole currency of the platform which will launch next year, this month they will launch their DEX. BSCGEM Strikelite Recetly listed on Bitmart More than 70k holders Soon Releasing MoonStarSwap NFT Market Place already in testing Moonstartoken Moonstar

$WenLambo should defo check it out thoughts on Glitchy BSC?


Congrats on getting the first place in our latest poll FootballStars - a leading NFT project on BSC that is created to bring football and blockchain together Read more about FootballStars on BARMYXpress. $FTS

$swaps by Nftswaps!

$Shard I think $MOJO has a good chance of being successful on their endeavours. They are on the brink of beginning sales of the very first crypto powered energy drink, along with major marketing and advertising. I am confident the team will pull this off. Sonarplatform Ping Token finally Areal usecase token Definitely $Moonstar!! not your usual shit coin

Reasons : 20 games goal for the token the transparency is on point charity token: reforestation regular game update community is supportive and wholesome hidden chests in the games redistribution I could go on and on about anubinu !!!!!!!!!! Future stuff

C`mon man! We all know the answer to this! If $PINKPANDA is not on the list it`s highway robbery! The 5x leveraged DEX is gonna be huge! PinkPanda PinkPandaDeFi


$CHEE Most ambitious BSC project , not a shitcoin / dog coin . Doxed team Backed by prestigious VFX studio Highend content Wallet Marketplace Mobile games AR / VR social gallery app Join us on TG and see by yourself



aquagoat save the ocean Pinkpanda about to flex with that 5xDex leverage on the BSC Another cool thing is they give to charity Renounced, Doxxed, passed on audit Final destination is to go parabolic bscgem pinkpandaarmy

WE love the tokenomics of this one

Good project .. launched on 18th June TIKITOKEN BabyDoge EverRiseToken guh moonrat cant forget how good the MoonRat is and will be. BabyDoge Coin best off the best.. buy now or cry later, BabyDoge Coin is a zero killer to the moooon.. $PinkPanda. -Doxxed Founder -A+ Dev Team -App on iOS & Android -Less than a month old -Amazing community on Telegram - Unique Use Case within the BSC. They are building a mobile DEX with 5x Leverage Trading pinkpandadefi pinkpanda

I think tiki is the best hodl atm.dont need to claim coz of the auto redistribution

$nftart . Great project and great team Top 5 must include $munch is helping to make clean water accessible for those that need it most with Our main goal is to offer community 100% trustworthy token to invest. We want to be 100% transparent and do everything how community wants. Frictionless, yield generating, charity token. Earn interests by holding, make world better place by holding. WELCOME TO BLISSFULPLANET Blissfulplanet BpCoin Frictionless, yield generating, charity token. Earn interests by holding, make world better place by holding. 6% fee. - 2% Burned - 2% Distributed to holders - 2% to maintenancewallet You just said it! is a BSCGem !! hodl hodling poocoin cryptocurrencies easy decision

Telegram: Instagram: Facebook: Discord: Twitter: Website: Easy BabyDoge CAKEMONSTER EverRise $FORM $CAKE

For Ssure!! :)

Must HODL for BSC??! PinkPanda for shure. :))))


Buy TIKI and money will do for you. $RISE EverRiseCoin RiseArmy fearthekraken

BabyDoge BabyDogeCoin BabyDogeArmy TO THE MOON!!!!! THALES TOKEN BSCGems BSCPAD Binance BinanceSmartChain ElonMusk FEGtoken SHIB dogecoin cryptomarket

THALES TOKEN BSCGems BSCPAD Binance BinanceSmartChain ElonMusk FEGtoken SHIB dogecoin cryptocrash

THALES TOKEN BSCGems BSCPAD Binance BinanceSmartChain ElonMusk FEGtoken SHIB dogecoin cryptotrading

Pls like and retweet

THALES TOKEN BSCGems BSCPAD Binance BinanceSmartChain ElonMusk FEGtoken SHIB dogecoin Crypto

koda dedicated office and team transparent CEO. You only have to look at there office to see these guys will be around a long time. Holding!! Cross chain exchange platform coming soon. Only Spend the time to dyor into They created a whole new genre (as you can see from the countless clones) The OG has barely gotten started yet. $RISE EverRise

Only one token here worth its salt. Already told you bro, is a banker!! Sill really go places and thats factual! BSC charting app(on play store now waiting for iOS), slam swap..because nobody likes pancake swap, slam crash multiplier game and slam Vegas casino launching in a few weeks!!! $slam

catecoin is the best meme and nft platform. t has 111k holders. Definitely take a look at $SHARD with a DEX and fantastic DeFi wallet Liquidity Pools. Swap. BinanceSmartChain Mobile Wallet coming soon. Ethereum network soon. $PINKPANDA App that you can track your token, incoming DEX with 5x leverage. Best community out there on the crypto world, no fudders only good vibes. On top of that they donate to cancer charities pinkpanda pinkpandadefi

Post again! We wont disappoint ! Our community is growing stronger everyday and our passive income is gaining more and more as we HODL cryptotwitter cryptoart Cryptocurency $TIKI TOKEN . NO COPYCATS . WE THE REAL DEAL BRO

Good Project Take a look at ! Doxxed founder, AMAs almost everyday, a mobile app, an awesome community, and soon a leveraged dex! pinkpandarmy BSCGems

Ive never seen anything like the way the $PINKPANDA community responded to the last few days. The chat was relaxed while other groups were freaking out. I think its because everyone believes so much in this project. And with good reason, the DEX is going to change BSC trading

Tikitoken of course

of course BabyDogeCoin BabyDoge

BabyDogeCoin Just getting started. $PINKPANDA. Mobile app is out, team is building a 5x leveraged DEX to go on top of that. It is going to transform the way people trade on BSC. Doxxed founder, incredible community, and they donate to cancer charities. BSC BSCGem

580 million MC in 24 days!

Baby doge will soon 100x

That feeling when you see the rewards coming into your wallet is like scoring hattrick isnt it Tiki TikiToken $TIKI BinanceSmartChain

And finaly, I`ll tell you a little secret :"It`s stil cheap and dip now, So before the Big Pump, Eat at the dip guyss, EAT THE DIP!!!! Big thank bro BSC Binance CryptoGems HiddenGems HODL HOLD GETRIcH

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