Im gonna give you a lore So calliope mori

September 15, 2021, 1:43 am
Im gonna give you a lore So calliope mori
Im gonna give you a lore So calliope mori is a really famous detective who hates androids, one day in one of her missions, she find this android who`s going to be her partner, she didn`t like it at all and become really mad about it, but she had to focus on her work+

After a little fight, kiara wins but with a really bad injuries, they could help her but her doctor was an android which it fails to save her, that`s why she hate androids and think they are the reason why her wife is died, and she become detective

Oh! I half expected this to end in angst. Like the Android got destroyed during the war or something and Calli goes through trauma of seeing her wife look alike die again. Glad its a good ending ^^

Some Detroit Become Human sh*t huh, good one

Can`t believe Calli was racist against androids. Jokes aside, cool lore. Never been interested in DBH but with takamori in the lore sounds interesting though I don`t I`d give the game a try not a visual novel type of guy

Months calli tells kiara to live with her, and ofc kiara said yes and then they lived happily ever after

So yeah, she found out that calli actually was married to a woman named takanashi kiara, and yes her model is actually named after her, cyberlife made this model specially for calli, by the same details as real kiara, that`s why calli didn`t want to work with this android+

So she let kiara work with her and help her, after few days and after they completed some missions together, one day kiara get a message that there`s a crime and she and her partner should come now, she goes to calli`s house and yk what happens with hank in the real story+

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