If you say Notch is there in iPhone because

January 24, 2022, 1:06 pm
If you say Notch is there in iPhone because
If you say Notch is there in iPhone because it has Face ID!! Bruhh then Vivo V23 Pro has Dual 50MP and 8mp Ultra Wide for Wide Selfie.. When apple Does it`s Fine If Android Does it, Then it`s Problem? (that too it`s Cheaper and atleast come with some New Tech)

, that time I was like how they did this. It was actually a great design.

I dont think it`ll be smaller than this,right? Yes even Samsung though too Samsung I can`t believe they too want a notch on their upcoming device I can`t believe it. But if it so happens to be I lost some more response for Samsung. A punch hole camera cutout isn`t that bad on a tab infact its gonna look different from others.

Oh yeah

I am not in favour of Vivo V23 since 1st day of launch

I asked does Vivo V23 have ois infront... if no then why should I consider it (notch) How much Vivo v23 pro cost?

Hate on vivo because We have options iPhone doesn`t have any Options

That`s the problem peope like u who thinks more MP means big sensor. 10mp of S10+ wasnt too much smaller than 50mp JN1. Jn1 is also smaller than many 12mp sensor. its only 1/2.76" while 10mp imx374 was 1/3", also S10+ had big aperture lens while vivo has small lens.

Well technically those Apple fans tend to think that although I think that the lg V10 from 2015 was first to have a notch like design then the essential phone had a notch design too but will Apple fans accept that no so don`t consider what others think its great I like it vivo.

See... notch on iPhone gets critised but there`s a purpose so majority overlook that Yes, Vivo used 50mp camera and a bigger sensor but was it required? They could have used a 12 mp camera and optimized it well like flagship Does the front camera on Vivo have Ois?

Dual camera? But that can be done without a notch... like S10+, Huawei phones, past Oneplus phone Right?

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