If you`re using Kotlin Multiplatform, how did you convince

January 27, 2021, 5:47 pm
If you`re using Kotlin Multiplatform, how did you convince
If you`re using Kotlin Multiplatform, how did you convince your iOS engineers to give it a try? If you just mention "Kotlin", Android engs are ALL over it. But I want the whole team on board. Any suggestions? kmm kotlin multiplatform

May be focus more on advantages on release strategies rather than kotlin vs swift

i think just did it on Android side and then showed they are much faster as iOS is also done, if I remember correctly

Start with a POC to learn where the pain points are. With any cross platform tool- native mobile engineers have been through the ringer. If its truly native iOS code they get to leverage, outside of the business logic, there shouldnt be a problem! Kotlin and Swift are similar

Analytics is our first feature area as well. Early days, but so far so good

"I`ll do all the biz logic and integration or we drop it"

for sure

Exactly! Analytics is joy for the marketing team. Nobody else. Maybe interesting project to check out: We`ve been talking about this for a while and I was sure we had something on the blog. Apparently not. We did work with JB on but we had some other thoughts with bigger teams.

I`m an Android developer, but, the answer generally depends on the kind of projects. I suggest sharing the expectations first.

Threat them with React-native This awesome talk about Kotlin multiplatform covered this point as well. If you are using KMM, the business logic resides in one place and it would be consistent across platforms. Also iOS devs wouldn`t even need to write so much business logic anymore because the work is already done by engineers who use Kotlin in KMM which is an advantage.

as someone who does both just don`t utter the word Flutter. not a knock, but with how Google kills things, being weary that my production code needs to be changed out again isn`t inspiring. I`m looking forward to playing with Kotlin Multiplatform soon!

Following has some useful points I find making sure they`re involved in the discussion and evaluation is useful! It is too easy to frame as "Android devs are making us use this" rather than "By working together we can do X for our product"

I mean, if you`re a specialist Swift developer, KMM can be seen as an threat and a bad thing because half of ios team could be cut off if migration succeeds I`ve seen this also with flutter Apart from that, ios guys are very fond of their tools

The talk from and is so amazing solving questions and put everybody on board Write a list of similarities between Kotlin & Swift. Assure them that they don`t have to let go of the language they love so much as they probably would still be writing platform dependent stuff with Swift and their shiny new beloved SwiftUI.

Serious ouch!

I don`t think that`s possible tbh , also it`s against their interest

We`re cutting budget, those who specialise only in one platform will be the first to go.

Maybe some of the advice we had back when Kotlin was young and we were trying to convince our Java colleagues to switch might still apply? Like trying to get the more curious ones onboard first and get them to advocate for you?

We haven`t used it in production but had a good hackathon experience with iOS team. Just letting them try is almost enough :)

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