If you guys have an iphone, which one do

January 26, 2021, 5:37 pm
If you guys have an iphone, which one do
If you guys have an iphone, which one do you have and what are your experiences with it?

I`ve had an iPhone since the 3 and love it. I currently have the 11 Pro and plan on upgrading soon. However, I often get the largest memory available and mostly upgrade when they`ve updated the camera. I record a lot of my videos and all of my vlogs with my phone.

I used to only have Samsung phones but as soon as I got my first iPhone I was hooked. I have the 12 pro max now. I started with the 5 and had every phone in between. My experience has been pretty positive BUT I also have all apple products so its just easier I have the phone

I love my 11!!! Its definitely my favorite so far. The not having a headphone jack is annoying, and now face id is frustrating with masks and all, but the battery on this new one is amazing I love the look of it.

I have an iPhone XR and I just got it I had a 7plus before this and I am really liking it

Ive had the 5c, 6S, and now 11, and I love mine so much!! The battery is definitely the main issue when it gets older, but I love how easy it is and just how nice they always look. I cant even figure out an android anymore

They are definitely expensive but if you get the apple care you are almost guaranteed a new phone if anything goes wrong even something small. But Ive never had an issue really with a phone from apple I made the switch about 6 years ago and Ill never go back lol

Older iPhone batteries used to start draining quickly after a year or so but Ive had the XR for almost 2 years and my battery has been fine. Honestly I switched from android and Ill never go back lol just so much more user friendly once you know the UI its so easy

Ive had the 4, 5S and now the 7 and my only issue (with all of them) is that the battery will get progressively worse as they get older :) Apart from that I only have good experiences

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