If we were to create a native mobile app

June 25, 2021, 3:02 pm
If we were to create a native mobile app
If we were to create a native mobile app for FeedHive, what should we pick, and why? Flutter React Native (I`m genuinely asking, we`re actually in doubt about this).

Shouldn`t you use a framework that you are comfortable with? Thoughts!

Look at what you want to build find a similar app that already has been built in either of the codebases and choose.

If you are thinking of easy transition for your team members then I will say stick to react native but if you future expansions and better implementations is top of your considerations then go flutter.

I would pick Flutter -> Performance -> Single Codebase for iOs & Android -> Simple & Easy to use

This thread would also help me to make a choice

PWA might be better than both.

Pick React Native. U can use React Native component in web too and I was able to share about 65% of code between React Native and React using react-native-web. see product at and app at Certainly flutter. I used both of those react is very amateur and not completed also JavaScript is not a good language as dart in my opinion

Flutter It provides faster code development also app UI and logic dont change depending on the platform

In my experience, the cross play between react and react native isn`t that transferable. I personally like flutter way more than react, but I have not used react since 16. Your team will probably love flutter if they try it.

I really love the Flutter approach but if you are already using React, React Native could be a better option in my opinion. There is a lot of things in the equation: Community, documentation, real-world example, Speed, Code sharing...

Id say if the entire team has React knowledge already, then you should prob go React Native. Your codebase will be cleaner and more scalable in the long run bc your devs will have a smaller learning curve.

Nope... React native uses different components for UI because they use native UI from Android and iOS. You`ll still have to maintain 2 seperate codebases. I say why not go for flutter and explore a bit.. flutter gives amazing experience on mobile.

React Native. flutter is nice for small easy apps, more than that it gets messy and terrible very fast, on the other hand react native is a way more mature technology

Flutter. Its the future.

React Native, because...javascript

Depends React Native is mostly popular among start-ups because of how the documentation is pretty easy and more friendly to use on the other hand Flutter performs all UI update at a faster pace than RN. Existing business prefers to use Flutter

Quite surprised by the amount of support for flutter here. Your team already knows JS/TS, so would have thought that would be a big tick for RN. Apps are big investments, recommend playing around with making a PoC with RN, Flutter and native to see which works best for you.

Flutter. In my internship, there was a Flutter and React Native app. The Flutter app was more stable & less bug affected even though the most coders had no Flutter experience. It was easier to code & to maintain than the React Native code. They change completely to Flutter now.

Flutter has great performance on Android and ios

I will choose natovescript and vue

I always wonder the way people simply ignore Kotlin as a crossplatform approach.

I would go with Flutter. But did you consider using a PWA instead? Depending on the features you use might not be that noticeable.

Flutter for Atleast for mobile because widgets are cool, FPS is 60 and UI seems clean with great package support.

Hi Simon, love your content, so Ive worked on both the technologies, so here are my two bits on this, what platforms are you targeting? If you want a codebase which can be expanded to web and desktop, then flutter is the way to go. React native has also has the same option, 1/n

It depends on how fast you need it. If you have time to try both, then try to build proof of concept with the most critical features and see which one the team is more productive with. Otherwise, go with what the team already know, but making sure it will satisfy your needs!

React is more mature and that is definitely a consideration, but I`d choose Flutter. It`s slightly closer to bare metal and I personally prefer it to work with over React.

We have the same debate in our comp, and we choose RN. The new version has Hermes the runtime optimized for mobile and JSI which allows you to store data in C++ var. Bye-bye sluggish swipe animations, check out reanimated

I`ve worked with React Native in the past but recently Flutter seems to be trending and I`ll guess that`s for a good reason.

I guess the website is built on top of react, so react native wouldn`t take much time. But for flutter re-implement everything again.

Flutter is your best bet in my opinion. At the very least, it`s the closest you can get to the native infrastructure between the two

Maybe this helps too: :)

Turbo Native. Get all that mobile web for free and then progressively enhance the rest. I wrote a 6-part series on how to get started. Depends if you are planning to have long lists and animations, in that case Flutter might be more performant. Otherwise React Native will be easier. But why not PWA? Or Native iOS and Android

Flutter => Ionic React => RN

Flutter. Better foundation. Unless average performance is ok.

For sure you should pick but I wish the Flutter team to consider adding a drag&drop way of building the interfaces, FlutterFlow, Supernova is already doing it.

React because in the future when the project grows it would be easier to find react devs rather than flutter devs

I think you should go with React native because the learning curve is very low. Flutter comes with learning DART, another programming language, which makes the learning curve a bit steep. I hope I helped you in any way with this.

Wow, this is trending in Flutter topics! My thoughts on this, as a full-time Flutter developer and building Flutter tooling is to... go with what`s more enjoyable and has more room to grow. But looking at purely probably stick with React.

Flutter. Cuz a coworker showed me and he not a coder but he made I iPhone app in 45 min from scratch.

React Native + Typescript. You get: 1. Faster feedback cycle between engineering , product and ux 2. Huge ecosystem of third party libraries 3. Native modules for tapping into underlying platform features ex: location tracking, health kit, etc

If feedhive uses react then ReactNative will be the best option.

react native, because u already know react..all things are transferable

Go with Flutter. I switched from React Native to Flutter a year ago, and I am never going back. Just give Flutter a shot for once.

flutter for sure. Since you are a React Native team, it should not be a huge learning curve conceptually to pickup flutter. You guys should be able to pickup Dart fairly easily. All the best

I think React Native because it has been in the market since 2015 so many external libraries are present which can help in you in getting many advanced features in your Application. If we talk about UI widgets u can use frameworks like galio,etc.

SwiftUI, Jetpack Compose with shared code via Kotlin Multiplatform.

Reasons for React Native: 1. Similar to React 2. Code Push 3. Dealing with JSON is much easier 4. Could share frontend/backend code Reasons for Flutter 1. Performance is way better. 2. Much less buggy 3. More supported platforms 4. More dedicated and responsive core dev team

React Native. Flutter maybe promising but is very new. Let it mature, tried, tested, bugs reported & fixed before building enterprise apps.

I`ve been building an app in Flutter (to be released soon) after making the switch from RN in my last role Flutter is good but has some drawbacks, routing is a pain... Even though RN isn`t very exciting, if your team knows React, I`d be inclined to go with RN.

Flutter with no doubts. Ive made projects in both platforms, and RN has been a mess.

This reads to me like the strongest endorsement anyone could make for using React Native

Lol anything but react native. Have you also considered kmm?

i dont know any but i use a samsung j5 and i know fb and instagram are written in react native and the apps are kind of buggy (as a user it feels weird) Although tbh i want to learn react native (because im learning js rn)

Flutter struck me as a platform with a much better developer experience and superior testing tools

There`s something about writing Dart that I really enjoy! I haven`t done it much, so am not speaking from a lot of experience, but I feel like I enjoy it more than JS or TS. Might be a honeymoon phase. That said, given that you have React skills, it may be the better choice.

Both are good but I think flutter is so easy to implement I found states management with Provider library is so good

(not trying to answer just curious) Is your intention to share tech stack between Web/Mobile? Or will this be standalone codebase for the mobile app?

Why not a proper application? Try Python/Kivy

Do a small vertical slice in both to see what your team likes better :) people seem to be tending towards flutter now days since react native isnt moving forward on performance fixes

If you know React then use that. Problem solved. Its not going anywhere before you are ready to rewrite your app anyway.

More generally Id consider what tech you guys already and if that would let your deliver the product faster. Also checkout the quality of the libraries for each platform and the overall developer friendliness of developer tools for each platform. Also what about documentation?

I`m not mobile app dev but I have a soft spot for React Native

If there`s one thing your curiosity has shown is that there`s a lot of love for Flutter

Go with Flutter your whole team gets to learn a cool new modern tech stack which is seeing rapid growth in the industry.

Having actively worked with Flutter for a year and 6 months now, I`ll want to recommend it. But since you said you guys are a team of React developers, I think using RN for the mobile app would be an easier pick and I believe Coinbase also made that choice.

haha you just described my thoughts of RN.

Im using Flutter now. One plus is that the language, Dart, is type safe and now has sound null safety. The architecture of Flutter is great. Doesnt have a DSX like JSX, but not missed.

Any of yall tried ionic? If so, would love to hear thoughts

Why no both? Sorry I like both of them

One of the main reasons why people like react is because of react native and components reusability. You won`t have to train or hire developers for flutter if you go for react native. In pakistan (which is 4th in freelancing IT products), most companies prefer react native.

Did you consider Ionic as well? I haven`t used it but I read as overview that it`s easier for web developers to use it than React Native. Whatever decision you take, please post later with it`s reasons.

Looks like the perfect candidate for (with react). It erases all the platforms boring specificities. Also the tooling is rad: remote building of binaries, automatic generation of assets (logo/splashscreen), etc.

Our team prefers react + capacitor to react negative because we find the former easier to usefully test

I`m thoroughly enjoying Flutter.

Always keep the options open I`m more hyped with it supporting 120fps as it seems like the industry is moving towards it. It seems like a huge market is focused on higher refresh rates for smoother UI/UX aspects

Concurent mode is coming to React Native too. Why would you go with something else?

Having a product ready in React already then why not to integrate capacitor to it and build native mobile app. Flutter is based on Dart programming language. Which is strongly typed and just better OOP since its very recent. Its really a breeze working with flutter/dart. However Im little biased

Flutter is Cool and fun to work with. I think it depends on if you guys are willing to sacrifice reusing some of the business logic and hooks youve written in JavaScript and React. Also, if you guys are cool with learning Dart, try it out!

I use flutter but for your case, I suggest on the business side of things it`d slow your team down learning flutter. RN pros Faster speed of development, it`s all JS and HTML Cons JS sluggish on mobile Flutter Pros You use builtin widgets and create cute UIs fast! Perfomance

Flutter, it`s give you lot of option to customize but if you use react native then you have to use only packages.

Facebook has largely moved away from using RN in their own apps and Google is building an entire operating system with at its core. In whatever way they might be close and comparable now it seems clear where the trends are heading.

You are more a JavaScript developer. So, it`s obvious that you are very good at React. So, I`d go with React Native

The both has it`s pros and cons and also you can make great native apps using either of them. If you are already working with Reactjs for web you can go ahead with RN for uniformity sake . Except, if you want to try something new then u can use flutter.

Flutter is the best way in the current developers preferences. Flutter is better in many ways - Performance, Developer likeness, Code extensibility.

Flutter, built an app last year using it, awesome and quick Dev cycle

While it will depend on your requirements, team (whether they`re JS web devs or not) my take is Flutter. I`ve used Flutter for ~1 year and RN for > 4 and the wins with flutter are better docs, UI consistency, more robust component library, etc. Happy to answer any questions

I would type up a list of critical features and spike a proof of concept in both, then weight that heavily as you move forward. Either way let us know what you find on the Flutter side of things.

Your expertise is the answer. Is it React? Go with React Native... Always consider business requirements first and treat the technology stack only as a tool.

If your team is web based, React Native its your first try because you can apply web and React concepts to mobile Dev without any trouble It has a huge community all over the world and it has a library for almost anything

Cordova. No reason to go native. Perf difference is negligible.

for me, I would pick Flutter for best performance, React Native for JavaScript ecosystem

If you have any specific questions, just reach out! Happy to help

I am working on flutter from last two years and i love working on it but it also has issues

I`ve played with setup on both and flutter was seamless. React native was a pain. If that is any indication with how much you are going to have to fight the platform, I`d do flutter 100%.

Flutter will load apps much faster than reactive-native, because flutter directly access device api but RN has one intermediate layer to access device api. You have one more option to go is Ionic with capecitorJs too.

Flutter, but because all of you do react, I would go for RN.

React Native - First of all it has a bigger community compared to Flutter! As you said y`all are React developers, so React Native is going to be simpler for y`all. Moreover many famous applications like Instagram, Facebook, etc use React Native!! Thank you

Both have a lot of compromises. If you`re going to build for the long term, you need to invest substantially too get any velocity with either platform. I`m a react dev and it`s taken me awhile to get any rhythm with rn.

Build a PWA - it would be enough The web is still the greatest platform

If you have an existing website into React just go with RN, then u will be able to share logic as well as imterfaces if you are using typescript, and it will be easy to catch also and will make development process faster If you don`t just start with installing flutter I guess

For me, Flutter: it`s the future, multiplatform, by Google, it has a tremendous support, quick learning curve and maybe you will achieve your goals faster. I bet on him.

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