If we`ve now arrived at the point where having

October 18, 2021, 6:42 pm
If we`ve now arrived at the point where having
If we`ve now arrived at the point where having a smart phone is essential, basically a form of ID card, then presumably they will have to made available to all to prevent a two class society.

Nope. You need a driving licence or a passport to register. This excludes swathes of people including Asylum seekers.

"A two class society" is already well established. You really do live in a nice bubble don`t you ? .....

I don`t have a smart phone and no intention of ever getting one, I have my covid pass thingy in paper form in my wallet!

Ahh but made difficult to obtain for those that the people in power don`t want to vote or receive services.

Son cannot get app as he has no ID to get the ID

Impossible to travel to and from Spain without internet access and mobile dexterity. We had to do paperwork for my parents and email to a helpful print shop in Spain for them to come home. Digital is great, but we need to design for the excluded or v low skilled.

You can present a paper copy when required. But,you probably already knew that.

... and 100%, reliable coverage of the whole of U.K. by 4G. Digital by Default HMG philosophy for its own services to its citizens. (Sorry, HMQs subjects)

What if you can`t physically or mentally use one but you have exceptional skills in trades agriculture horticulture construction carpentry glass blowing sculpture ceramics painting drawing theatre comedy livestock farming thatching but you have poor motor skills for digital info

2ndClass waiting for my free smart phone

Its really hard work for the very elderly when circs change. My folks were pretty good but mum now blind and dad cant do smartphones - means they are really buggered in lots of situations.

Print your letter! No Printer? Request a paper copy. No need for the misinformation.

Parents dont own one & have no intention of getting one

Paper copies are also available for the minority who do not have a smarpthone = no issue.

Give a phone to the underprivileged to enable surveillance of them too ? What if they dont want it ? As he writes on his tracker

They`re essential for a lot of things, but not for proving vaccination status.

In my experience working in education, in areas of multiple deprivation, almost all parents had Smartphones but what they didn`t have was call credit or data allowances. What is important is easy access to free wi-fi connections.

Apple are now creating software that can read your photographs in your smartphone. Think about how much personal information these phone companies are stealing.

It isnt necessarily a smartphone but you do need access to phone or computer and a printer.

I`d be more worried about the all the data on said phones...

The only reason I have a smart phone is because my daughter gave me her old one a few years ago.

Theres also the massive assumptions that people can always (afford) access the internet and that they have the skills to do so. I work with many who dont have either

And the UK government is going to make it illegal to vote without ID thats the real scandal that will affect poor people at least with the vaccine passport you can request a paper copy

Only if you are a Scottish Prisoner. The SNP are only interested in Failure, Hatred & Division. The Rest of The People of Scotland do not matter to Oh and while we`re at it, don`t make passports and driving licences the only forms of verification.

So many things are wrong Muriel (not least autocorrect insisting your name is marie), I`m guessing the powers that be think if they ignore as many things as they can then those who can`t afford smart phones will just die off and then they can say there isn`t a problem. Job done.

I do think most young people have a smart phone no matter what class, its the older generation who will be totally left behind. Life on line and phone wise is just too complicated to navigate

Along with affordable cell service. Hello Canada.

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