If these four were in a band, what instruments

March 29, 2022, 7:57 am
If these four were in a band, what instruments
If these four were in a band, what instruments would they play? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and you could have the chance to win a 41OA Mythic NFT! devikins NFTGiveaway

Guys, I was thinking about Electric Violin for all 4 hosts.

From left to right.... guitar, drums, synthesizer and bass guitar devikins NFTGiveaway

Saxophone for The Merchant Drums for The Collector Piano for The Assistant Violin for The Host The Goat for Band Name...

From left to right: 1. Guitar 2. Drums 3. Flute 4. Piano Let`s goooo

Lead Guitar, Drums, Bass, Rythm Guitar

From left to right, it`s going to be: 1.electric guitar 2.drums 3.keyboard 4.mic (singer) Band name "Devikiss" Praying to the music gods real hard for this one

The Host - saxophone The Apprentice - Lead guitar The Shopkeeper - slap Bass guitar The Collector - Drums Cheers!

With the world today, we need peaceful world with instrument from: 1. American Microphone 2. European Concertina 3. Chinese Gu Zheng 4. Indian Tambaru

LOL! Instruments? They all up there lip syncing. They ain`t playing no damn instruments.

Hope we win! Devikins NFTgame PlayToEarn Presenting Metavikins!LFG Saxophone: Collector Violin: Shopkeeper Piano/Vocalist: Forger Harp: Host

drums = Collector violin = Shopkeeper guitar = Forger synthesizer = host .... and the name of the band is .. "DeviMood Swings" They would be an acapella band! 1. Electric Guitar/Microphone for Soloist 2. Saxophone 3. Drum set 4. Bass Guitar

1.Under 2.Drums 3.Guitar 4.Singer I hope to win that mythical 41 to release it in the soft launch devikins NFTGiveaway $DVK

1. Lead singer (vocalist) 2. Guitarist (lead) 3. Drummer 4. Bass Hoping to win this time.

1. Clarinet 2. Drums 3. Guitar 4. Piano 1. Drummer 2. Lead Guitar 3. Bassist 4. Vocalist Devikins NFTGiveaway

1. Tuba 2. Clarinet 3. Snare Drum 4. Bass Drum The King`s Music Band! Hehe hope to finally win that Mythic! Drums, piano, bass guitar and lead guitar.

Drums, lead guitar/vocalist, base guitar, piano/saxophone

1. Microphone/Singer 2. Saxophone 3. Drum 4. Gitar Wish me luck.. Devikins NFTGiveaways DVK KleverWallet drummer Vocalist Lead Guitarist pianist

Trumpet ! dvk devikins

A tuba, fiddle, banjo and a washboard

Musical instruments

Playing Drum Lead Guitar Bass guitar Piano

Guitar , Drum , Saxophone , Mic Shout-outs

Name of the band: the vodianoi Rock N` Roll Number 1 starting from the left. Backup vocals and guitar Lead Vocals and bass Backup vocals and drums Backup vocals and lead guitar

Playing Drum Lead Guitar Bass guitar Piano and Microphone

a Venezuelan-style band would play like this From left to right: 1.Guitar, Vocals 2.Drums, Vocals 3.Bass 4.Lead Vocals, Piano Band: Misplaced Devikins

The Devikins Band 1. The Host - Guitar & Vocalist 2. The Merchant - Electric Guitar 3. The Assistant - Piano 4. The Collector - Drums

From left: guitar xilophone trumpet piano and singer

From left to right: Arp Drums Sax Lead guitar (and singer)

I feel that they are so talented that each of them can play any instrument. The Merchant - Bass guitar since he is the boss The Collector - Ukulele since it is so cute The Assistant is the one who plays all of that little instruments like bell, marakas, tambourine. The Host is the MC! and sax Band Name - Mythic Quest

From left to right: 1.piano 2.drums 3.electric guitar 4.vocalist

Rock en Roll to the world. Piano , drum , Singer ND electric guitar

Trumpet, drum, piano, and the bass guitar

Guitar Bass Guitar Drums Piano

1. Piano/Keyboard 2. Drummer 3. Saxophone 4. Guitar + Singer

Alright!!! Guitar Drums Vocalist(Mic) Piano

I don`t know what to say Goodluck

Left2right: Small drum Bagpipe Kettledrum Small drum Loud and hot rythms!

The Collector would play the Drums The Merchant would be on Bass Guitar The Assistant would be lead Guitar The Host would be the Vocalist And the Band name would be "Bbq Turkey"

From left to right: singer and guitar, grand piano, trumpet and bass guitar, drums

The Merchant - Electric guitar because of her devilish smile The Collector - Drums, cause of the way he hold that wand/stick The Assistant - Piano, cause of her lovely smile The Host - Microphone, cause of her cheerful expression BAND NAME - Devils Kindred

From left to right: 1.piano 2.drums 3.electric guitar 4.vocalist

Collector - Saxo / Assistant - Triangle (she plays with horn) / Host- singer / Merchant- Drums

Pianist & vocalist Electric guitarist Bass guitarist Drummer devikins NFTGiveaway From left to right, Guitar Keyboard Base & Mic Sax

Drums Acustic Guitar Saxophone Bas Guitar Where is my 41?

Banjo Guitare Batterie Harmonica ! Yeah !

1. Vocalist 2. Flute as her tongue can cause uniqueness with the sound. 3. He will be in front as the musical director holding his sticks to synchronize the sounds. 4. With her evil look, it is best for her to hold a guitar just like a rockstar

1.Under 2.Drums 3.Guitar 4.Singer I hope to win that mythical 41 to release it in the soft launch devikins NFTGiveaway $DVK

The Merchant: Guitar The Collector: Drums The Assistant: Vocalist The Host: Choirs and tambourines

The Collector: Flute (Devikins fluter=Hamelin fluter) The Merchant: Mouth organ The Assistant: Trumpet The Host: Saxophone

Drum nd electric guitar nd hang drum

The Collector: Bass Guitar The Merchant: Drummer The Assistant: Violin The Host: Vocalist + Lead guitar

Guitar, bass, drums and castanets

Flute. Banjo. Drums. Cow Bell.

They doesn`t play instruments. They do a cappella like Pentatonix.

My Band THE DVK DEVILS Oh they can`t play fulltime bc they are so busy with their respective duty, so they`ll do just fine with Beatbox (The collector) Acoustic Guitar Saxophone And lead vocals

Left to right: guitar, drums, bass and vocals

The Collector: Drums The Merchant: Bass Guitar The Assistant: Piano The Host: Singer + Electric Guitar

L-R violin, xylophone, drums, and banjo.

The collector bassis The assistance piano The merchant violin The host must be guitar+vokalis

drums, guitar, keyboard, violin. Purple dress with white hair will play the violin, green coat will definitely be the drummer. Purple hair will play the guitar while blue dress will handle the saxophone.

Piano. Clarinet. Double bass. Violin.

Saxophone, piano, guitar and violin

The Collector: Drums The Merchant: Bass Guitar The Assistant: Piano The Host: Lead Guitar + Vocalist

Bbq turkey leg as a maracas! And a big candy as a guitar

If they were a band the name of them will be the silent keepers hahaha and roles of them will be Bass guitar for the void adventure Rhythm guitar for shop keeper Vocalist for the host Lead guitarist for the fairy one haha

drums, saxophone and violin.

From left to right: 1. Guitarist 2. Drums 3. Saxophone 4. Lead Singer DVK Devikins

From left to right bass, battery, electric guitar, vocals/acoustic guitar

from left to right, piano, drums, electric guitar and vocalist

Harp, drum, saxophone, guitar

Guitar and Flute

Bass, Triangle, Conga Drum and Sax

Guitar and drums Orchestra for all of them

Everyone wants to stand. Listen their music, enjoy every sound flying around. Guitar here guitar there, lovely atmosphere everywhere

Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Microphone + Guitar for the vocalist

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