If iPhone`s didn`t exist, pixels would be mine IPhone

July 13, 2021, 12:51 am
If iPhone`s didn`t exist, pixels would be mine IPhone
If iPhones didnt exist, pixels would be mine

IPhone cameras just caught up with galaxy cameras And apple overprices things that barely do their job

Iphones are pretty dogshit ngl

Well, I`m not only talking about advanced stuff here. Also simple design and behaviour things piss me off. If I want to get advanced I activate developer mode.

@xxxxManok I believe Apple support have improved over the years so idk

@xxxxManok It may worth the the tradeoff to some people, but not to others and I get that 2. Yes androids have pretty good hardware, Ive tried the flagships in store (S21U) and I still loved the iPhone 12 Pros design. Personal preference

1. I get what you like but the only problem is: it`s proprietary af. I also find apple software generally very restraining. Especially iOS. 2. I personally prefer the more newer features on Android phones. Most are also comfortable to hold and look sexy to me

@xxxxManok I also never had any problems with Apple devices, always up and running without annoying bugs or constant errors. But your milage may vary on this

Tell me, what makes you stay with Apple iPhones

Same here but with Samsungs

The same I say. Pixels are the best android phones!

Makes sense since Pixels are the closest to iPhones in terms of software experience.

Why can`t you have both?

Damn I wish they didn`t exist

*makes iphones not exist, we`re all back to normal button phones*

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