If i removed the IOS from iPhone would u

August 2, 2021, 2:35 pm
If i removed the IOS from iPhone would u
If i removed the IOS from iPhone would u still buy it? Apple Samsung

I think most people didn`t get the question

Thats the main thing rest is all stainless steel and metal.

yes if can do it pls let us know i am very curious how apple spec perform with andriod OS........!

Would be like vadapav without the vada.

I wont buy a phone with no operating system

no because if anything breaks getting parts to fix it is nearly impossible due to apples bs when it comes to right to repair

Nope! Software is crucial to the iPhone experience.

My dream phone allows Android and iOS dual boot.

Nope the software side is as big as any other hardware of iphone si definitely no.

Hmm Depends on what its being replaced with. If android nah, Ill find another android phone.

I would like to run bb os on iphone 12

Can that be done?

yep, especially as i don`t buy iphones now at all because of ios

Never the whole point of iPhone is ios

Install iOS on my Galaxy S10 lol.

i don`t think so.. i love iphone because of ios.

What!? I wouldnt buy it

I left Android because I preferred iOS. now keep in mind this was almost ten years ago. Maybe Android is worth trying again

Stock Andriod with iOS animations with the A14 bionic with S21U`s Camera and display and with the iPhone`s video quality would be the dream phone

yeah and slap android on it. why not? it would be compatible

Only if replaced with Windows 11/Windows Phone

yes if I can do factory reset and the price is good.

nah, first of all i am using the iphone for iOS, second, a lot of stuff on the phone is directly tied to iOS

Nope, it`ll just feel... wrong

No, its just a body without iOS

It`d literally be called Phone

Good question, definitely no

Yes, then I`ll reinstall iOS myself.

If we removed the head from your phones, would you still buy them?

Remove iOS from iphones and replace it with Google`s atock android.

No. iOS is the reason why I am using an iPhone. Without iOS, it`s useless.

And allow us to install oneui? Yes please

If the iPhone without ios was designed from the ground up to use android then it would beat pretty much all the flagship androids.

No, the point of iPhone is the operating system. Other phones have the same cameras as iPhone or even better, better battery, better screens. But the thing that makes iPhone an iPhone, is 80% the os.

Os matters a lot because we buy experience of a smartphone not specifications or name.

Just remove the notch.

If we will remove from twitter would you cry about it?

Yes of course. And i will use it as a paper weight.

Nope because the that hideous front screen mullet would still exist.

Nope unfortunately its all about software otherwise google and Samsung would be my other options

Heck yaa! Whattever iOS has going for it, I want customisation! I want my phone to look like what I want it to look like! Not at all. Samsung also makes great hardware but Android , I cant.

Not necessarily.

if you put android into them, they would have lackluster performance

No because you remove completely the ecosystem/user experience

iOS on S21U is the life.

uhh no? cuz there would be no OS? if you were to say android on iphone then maybe but im not sure as maybe android would work as well with apple SOCs

Its a symbiosis between software and hardware that makes me love it, but without iOS its not that attractive anymore

More of an Android fan so I would definitely go for it. iOS is not the Apple of my eye.

buy a pixel instead of that metal chunk

That makes zero sense, of course not.

If i removed the soul of a person would you still like the body?

Uhm, without iOS its basically a chunk of metal waste imo....

No because 8 can`t use a phone without OS

Remove iOS means no OS at all? Or replace with android?

Yeah iPhones would be better without iOS then they`ll have to have with android.

You mean buy an Android phone from 2018 with an overpowered chip for that time?

Then whats the point of an iPhone

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