If halo showed up on any other console not

February 7, 2021, 6:36 am
If halo showed up on any other console not
If halo showed up on any other console not named itd be disrespectful to the franchise, brand and the fanbase. 343 Teases Halo: The Master Chief Collection Coming to New Platforms

So Microsoft should keep their exclusives but sony is bad for keeping its exclusives on playstation. Yall cringe af

Article literally says epic game store.

It is a good guess, but wouldn`t that be a Gamepass announcement rather then a Halo MCC announcement? Seems oddly specific.

true. could be xcloud on iphone, could be epic games store, i`ve even seen vr tossed around as an idea.

Thought you bots were against exclusivity? Or is that just when it doesnt suit you? Lmao

I think it means coming to Epic Games Store front. I highly doubt it will ever come to any other console. But you never know. Sony & Microsoft do have some deals in place with technologies. Maybe well start to see games once exclusive, be shared?

Could be a good thing. xCloud gives you master chief collection xbox settings on the go, dope. Switch would give you the potential 80million switch owners in the halo ecosystem And ps5 would be a great way to hype infinite to new players before launch.

If this happens Xbox is dead period the end ... Some people have pointed out iPhone via xCloud...this could be a very good guess, Xbox have been saying they will be on Apple no matter what, and MCC could be the first game to be streamable on there.

Junk being dead Microsoft should buy bungie they will likely revive the franchise

It said new ways to play, not new platforms. This is for ios xcloud and xcloud on pc.

Xcloud on iPhone

Xbox would need to go fully 3rd party.

Your to emotional as long as halo is a great game and return to form thats all your owed nothing else

Your king Epic Games and/or IOS with xcloud

Halo will become legend

VR could be a possibility

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