If CertiK were to host an #AMA with your

June 2, 2021, 2:45 pm
If CertiK were to host an #AMA with your
If CertiK were to host an AMA with your favorite DeFi, NFT, or Crypto project, who would you like to see?

How about $FTS


AMA with MoonKat would be great. MKAT

OCTANS OCTA huge potential

Can you host an AMA with You guys recently audited them and they are doing great in the launchpad + incubator space SFUND BSC

Gmr sir, coin gamer very awesome Safemoon This is the way!!!

Definitely $Aquari, we are doxxed, we have created a company, we are in process of renting a physical office and creating a water cleanup foundation and we are fully community driven, check us out on you wont regret it!

An AMA with or from about their growing DeFi ecosystem, how the audit process will look on Harmony compared to BSC and what devs/daos can do to prepare for a successful audit.

ofc GMR, its phenomenon, 1 month old but 180k holder, and audited by you right now still waiting on your end tho.. hehehe $gmr

Honestly, GMR. Even though I have couple more projects in mind, GMR team is honest and interesting to listen to!

sure Best Token By Gamer For Gamer Project 100% Legit GMRFINANCE GMRARMY $GMR I hope GMR Why GMR ? The GMR Center offers unparalleled connectivity between content creators and fans. Watch, stream and build an audience while reaping the rewards of GMR. From Gamer To Gamer for sure :)

Ofc GMR, , amazing project with twiced audit, ups i Mean is triple audit with , n get listing on 3 exchenge under 1 month old , the best deal. You recently audited and your report certifies it has no issues. So it will be good if you can host an AMA with that prokect SFUND. $SFUND BSC

lets its to GMR $Happy - a coin focused on donating to mental health charities!

because this project the best in the world

With SFUND We will love to see that BSC $SFUND SFUND

What about cakelock. I remember you audited them and they rug pulled haha?


Another $HOGE AMA plz certik the best project and community

any or all projects that are listed in leaderboard

$hoge, and you already did it, and it was fantastic! is the OG that changed the game by becoming the first Certik-audited defi meme coin. Everyone else is trying to be the next hoge and more power to them. But there is only one true $HOGE. I want SFUND sir


It has to be MKAT is the hottest chick on the floor

Definitely $SWAMP


Do it with we all want it. BSC $SFUND SFUND


Get Sfund on the ama ASAP

$GDT! Gorilla diamond token. The devs are awesome, They are looking to change the game with a very unique peer to peer market service with profit sharing! They be happy to chat. Message them- An AMA session with would be amazing. We hosted one a few weeks ago with the founder (Levent Cem Aydan) and the community loved it!

It has to be $emax EthereumMax ! Really promising project and needs an audit!

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