If Black Clover got a new video game made,

June 10, 2021, 12:50 pm
If Black Clover got a new video game made,
If Black Clover got a new video game made, what would you want it to be about? Would you want it to be more about story or more about fighting, or maybe both?

First of all it should be a mmorpg game available on PC,ios and Android as well. Second, the story should be similar to the anime, we got asta as a base traveller and our goal is to become the wizard king. Something like this.. I`m not a game dev. So it just a hint.

Open World RPG (similar to DBZ Kakarot) that goes through the events of the Elf Saga.

A storm like game

Ngl I play a lot of genshin and itll be cool having a BC game like genshin, follows the story from the anime, side quest that followed the filler eps, needa wish(something like that) for a characters, open world, allowed co-op.

Just realised you are not the official account lol XD

Need a BC eroge

I want a Black Clover RPG

Is this some sort of hint?!?!?

high competitive game where teamwork is very important to counter the other team

I would like a story rpg, but Im not against a ninja storm like game for BC

I`d love an open world BC game that follows the story up until the current anime point that has multiple playable characters then maybe like in AoT Wings of Freedom 1/2 besides story mode you can also build friendships with the Magic Knights by visiting their areas

I just want another game man

itd want it to be good lmao

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